This might save a talkers life

None boards any vehicle expecting an accident ahead. Its holiday time and so many pple are travelling by bus.

For those who have no other alternative other than traveling home for Xmas by bus, try to board a seat against the drivers side. Board the conductor’s row if possible. These buses zikipatana Na angle line ya trela kupasuliwa kama karatasi. Check it out.
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The only way to escape death is by not being born.


Siku yako ya kuenda utaenda ata kaa uko kwa armoured limousine.
Last year Kuna Mombasa bound bus ilikatwa side ya conductor, Martha karuas neice was on board, think it was buscar


the truth is you could seat in the safest spot on a bus and still get hurt in the event of an accident
the trick is to know how to protect yourself


You cant run away from fate.

Remember that KDF officer who survived a rain of bullets by alshabaab, only to be killed by his watchman as he was arriving home? Ultimately he was to die


Please do tell


But @Meria Mata si wajua chances zako kupasua hiyo side ya dere sio kama ile side nyingine. Last yr I saw another think it was mash all seats za side ya dere zikiwa flattened. No one on this side came out alive

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siku ikifika nikusongakusonga hata kama uko wapi .


Soma vile @old monk amesema

Look at this modern coast bus that was involved in yesterdays accident. When the trailer rammed side to side most seats wrecked were on the drivers side

ata kama mnasema siku yako ikifika imefika, its good to always be cautious, that philosophy does not mean uanze kutembea kwa machuom usiku wa manane with your laptop on your back ama kuvuka thika road live live hapo katikati…in the same way you should always try and see where you can minimise that risk. So I say the seats directly behind the driver IMHO is the least riskiest!


pande ya makanga ndio mbaya zaidi. madere wengi hupeana hiyo side


This reminds me of the movie called final destination.


Everyone has a different theory

Niaje mzito, hiyo avatar jo

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The best moment Kwa fisi zote.


[B]This exerpt tells u more.

SAFEST Seats on a bus[/B]

• Passengers in the front of the bus are vulnerable in a head-on collision. Yet, the drivers’ seat is sometimes believed to be the safest seat on the bus, due to the drivers’ instinct to maneuver in a manner that keeps him or her alive in treacherous conditions. People who frequently sit at the front of the bus may have an tendency to feel a certain camaraderie with the driver, who is in charge of his/her safety and fate

• Passengers in the rear of the bus are vulnerable in a rear-end collision. However, this is a rare type of collision and often happens at a low speed

• Passengers on the side adjacent to oncoming traffic (this is flipped between the UK and the US, for example) are more vulnerable to a collision with an oncoming vehicle. In less-developed countries, where oncoming vehicles are often informally built and haphazard, with objects perturbing from all sides (the kind of appendage that would quickly get you pulled over in the US), the side adjacent to oncoming traffic is particularly vulnerable to something smashing through the window. If your bus is speared from the side, such as if it runs a red light and is hit perpendicularly, then either side could be equally vulnerable.

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:D:D True. Self preservation. Always thought nyuma ya bus is the safest until i saw this modern coast. Hakuna kiti safe


Angusha hekaya!