This matiang'i guy

I am liking this guy, tackling media questions head on. This is the perfect guy for this docket, bad thing is his career will be on a downhill soon when cartels and drug distributors resume normal duties. Atulie kwa education for the time being.


He could make a good president I bet


he overcame those cartels in education.


Unfortunately we voted in cartels and celebrated it overnight and as if that wasn’t enough we streamed it live to everyone’s TV screens to spread the joy!. People are now sobering up. The reality is setting in. It’s thuggery as usual, grand corruption is about to be revved up.


Yeah especially with Ruto watching over his shoulder.

Yeah… If kenya population want a serious president from the obvious reasons - monarchies, this is the guy to have. I believe presidency is successful though if you surround yourself with serious guys like him. Good example is the first kibaki’s presidency.

Yea but he must leave the education sector on a good track. Creating systems that will make sure that cartels won’t get back once he is gone… 1 year is not good enough.


He has left Larry Mamdomo dumbfounded and his only recourse was to whine back to the presenters in the studio.
Is a person looting, throwing stones, burning tyres and barricading roads a peaceful protestor?


Ironical, didn’t you see Babuon and Wanjigi toe to toe. Selective amnesia.


CS Matiangi is good and I hope he is confirmed for that position. Remember he is the tip of the spear. There are a whole service of brilliant security chiefs and service men making his work easy and possible.

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Nope he is thug. Peaceful demonstrators don’t use violence and destruction of property.


I think he should remain in tje education docket. Imagine another five years with him at the top. Our education system could change significantly forever.


What I want is for the government to eliminate these thugs and pave way for peaceful demonstrations. Matiangi is the guy to help out here. Peaceful protesters should be allowed to camp day in and out at the CBD until their concerns are addressed.

Who said that you must swop like for like. That presidential ballot paper had several candidates, with a clean past, that were determined on eliminating corruption. Did you vote for any of them or your dumb-self only saw two candidates on the paper. Selective-vision!

I really like him. So tough and fair…I wish we had 12 of his kind.
I loved it when he said categorically that no police officer can shoot at a peaceful protestor.


He should remain in education for now so that it will have a long lasting impression

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What is it with Kenyans thinking there are no other capable people like Matiangi? Enough of this wankathon! There are many kenyans that are on par or even better performers than him.

True… Uhunye should now look for such people to head ministries si akina Ole Ndengu. Alafu if I was him I would try people like Miguna too… he’s quite a visionary and is intolerant to Cartels


I think this Matingi guy can take up the internal security docket and they can bring Prof. Magokha as the new cs for education

What am saying ni apee mtu ingine kazi ya security plain simple

At least get his name right… as you also check the meaning of the word “analogy”

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