This man William Ruto

Miguna Miguna’s brief description of DP William Ruto in his book : Peeling Back the Mask.

Ruto is charismatic, articulate, hardworking, rumbustious and ambitious. He is also extremely restless. Unlike both Raila and Mudavadi, he is also a teetotaller, and thus less distracted from political campaigning. But even more importantly, Ruto is also fabulously wealthy. And notwithstanding the mystery surrounding the sources of his wealth, unlike Mudavadi and Raila, he can be very generous, especially when he has a political agenda to execute. He also has charisma. We reminded Raila that of all the communities that had supported him in 2007, none had acted more gallantly than the Kalenjin, especially their brave youth. Many believe, with merit, that had the Kalenjin youth not fought in defence of Raila’s ‘stolen vote’, Kibaki wouldn’t have agreed to share power with him. And it was universally acknowledged that if there was one person who deserved praise for mobilising the Kalenjin youth during that period, it wasn’t the ODM chairman Henry Kosgey, it was William Ruto. To a lesser extent, credit also went to the late Kipkalya Kones. Thus, we argued, we, as a party, owed Ruto some gratitude.

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I wonder if he can still write of the DP in the same tone considering how the government treated him.



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That book is one of the best written books i have ever read. You start reading and you dont want to leave it.

His mask has been peeled off.