This man will be the first black prime minister of the UK

You heard it first here folks on 4/03/2020
Kwasi Alfred Addo Kwarteng (born 26 May 1975) is a British Conservative Party politician serving as Member of Parliament (MP) for Spelthorne since 2010. On 16 November 2018, Kwarteng was appointed Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU), following the resignation of Suella Braverman. Following the election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in July 2019, Kwarteng was promoted to Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, and as part of his role attends the Cabinet.

Nyeuthi cannot be elected in Europe to be PM or president. Maybe US or Canada

The idea of a black president would have been unfathomable in the US not too long ago

But he wasn’t exactly black. In fact he was more white than black

Kwin hawes kubali nyeuthi ashike hio kitu. Nyeuthi atapass law to pay for atrocities committed in motherland.

Buda boss you have no idea how many African kings have ruled Europe over the centuries. Wengi sana.

You see most times black girls worked as slaves or servants for these rich folk since time immemorial. And if you have a beautiful African servant girl with a thick booty, white massa can’t wait for dinner to end. Anadanganya his missus ati ametoka hapo nje kuvuta tumbaku. Even right here in Kenya the colonial devils used to dissapear on hunting trips for months on end with black maidens (or swahili boys). Wanaacha bibi na watoi. Similarly bibi naye anachukuana na Wafula the Chef. The pointie child is shipped off to Europe to be hidden, while wafula runs off to hide in Uganda.
So in short hata Queen Elizabeth hawezi kosa African heritage. Here is a list of a few American presidents rumoured to have African roots :

Wewe Iq yako ni kama ya panya

Yako kama ya ndovu imekufikisha wapi!

Ever heard of an English queen called Queen Charlotte ? She was descended from Portuguese black royals or Moors. Even paintings of her show her distinct African nose and lips. And like a true African lady with child bearing hips, she sired 15 kids. I believe she is the great great grandmother of the current queen. But of course they would rather die than admit such history.

US is yet to have a Jewish President. UK already had Disraeli as PM in the 1800s

Remember London mayor Sadiq Khan is Muslim. Descended from Pakistani immigrants

wanaijeria hawatashikika

Obama is not black.

Shut up douche

What is he then? Indian?

Mbona na hio jina inakaa Ghanaian?

Why should he be black and not white? So blacks are not pure but whites can only be pure?

Ever heard of the one-drop rule?

bastards don’t count.

Whether or not Black people ruled Europe or built the pyramids is irrelevant in the modern day.

If your only connection with success is genetic (and thus purely accidental), and if you need to emphasize it to boost your self esteem then kuna shida

what is iq and why is it relevant in this discussion?

Nini mbaya Jaruo jinga?