I’ve never understood how the kavirondo with their small physiques completely dominated these big muscular luhyas politically & culturally. Even the big karivondo have luhya genes from the maternal luhya side which means…
are the smaller kavirondo strong-willed or intelligent than the big ravenous luhyas ? and before you talk about borders hii maneno haijafanyikia wakisii ! Can somebody explain this strange phenomenon in simple english

Or maybe Raila has appeal across the country?
I don’t see any other Luo leader galvanising the Western Vote like Raila has. I don’t see any other Luhya leader doing it either, since we are on the topic. Ababu Namwamba had a chance, if he had kept his head down and stayed loyal, but pupa ilimueza. That thug Echesa has the thuggish resolve but lacks intellectual suave to be anything beyond a conman. Oparanya doesn’t hold sway beyond Kakamega and is not thuggish enough. Khalwale, mhhh, maybe but he can’thave national appeal. Mudavadi is a cerelac baby, paper tiger.
Labda Cleophas Malala if he can win against Ferdinand in their gubernatorial race.

The greatest undoing of the Baruhya is their abnormal obsession with food and sex.

Ati Luos with their small physique? Wajaluo wa wapi hao?