This man, Fidel Castro

I wanna let all Africans and black people in general know the truth. There is no one single foreign leader in this world who have done so much for our continent like Fidel Castro. Castro single handedly helped Africa fight colonialism by donating both soldiers and medical doctors to help not just one country but over dozen countries in Africa, from Congo to Cape verde, from Angola to South Africa.
Do not buy into the western media labelling him as a dictator, this man has done way way much more that those who are pretending to be our friends and allies but only here to fill their pockets. Same western media and western governments listed Mandela as a terrorists until 2004, those same governments supported apartheid in SA and to small extent Namibia. Let’s pay our respect to Castro because the man did right by us and we are forever grateful. Also, under Castro, Cuba is the only western hemisphere country to treat it’s black citizens with dignity and equality, with many Afro-cubans becoming some of the world’s best doctors.
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Clinton saa hii angekuwa amerukaruka yake yote…too bad she has her own disappointments to deal with!

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Mzee Jomo Kenyatta had no time for his calibre of communist/socialist riffraff.

Hapo second last in yule rasta Wa Guinea Bissau Amilcar Lopez Cabral

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With Thomas Sankara

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RIP Castro, friend of Africa.


I wondered where Cabral street got its name?

I salute Castro. RIP

Fidel Castro sent thousands of doctors and other medical practitioners to help in Asia, Africa and S. America


Real african friend

It may be good for someone to be with us or for us. But we also should get away from beggar mentality. Why wait for someone to do for us something. Why cant we do for ourselves. Build our own, make our own, design our own, fight for our own. Nobody does something for you in your house. You simply hustle for yourself. Sometimes people join you when they see you trying. Many times for a cost($).
Africa’s friend because most of the rest of the world didn’t care for his ideals. Some were good though education and healthcare but that’s where it ends.
In 50 years of his rule in Cuba, there have been 3 generations of people. The first generation present when he came in. Got tired or waiting for changes. Half support him. The second generation were present through his upheavels. Know something about him. Can see what he was trying to do but the patience run out a long time ago. The third generation don’t really know him. Its like kids in Kenya and Raila. You tell them about Railas struggling for multipartism with other people, etc. It doesnt really register. Yes they see him on Tv, but thats about it. The big word in Cuba is hope. If he was so good, ask yourself hope for what?

Hueleweki hapa


Castro and Che Guevara are legends. Che, the only real revolutionary

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