This man Dr Ezekiel Mutua shairman KFCB

He strikes again!

Halafu bibi walked out of marriage on him. I wonder what kind of slay queens wako huko america. Who leaves a billionaire?

Is he really a billionaire?

This guy is not a billionaire! This is just a low-ranking attention-seeking ass-kisser in government. He’s just campaigning for his next appointment.

Apart from fighting gays and lesbians, what are the other major roles/ mandates of KFCB?

Someone just posted this on fb and i know daktari won’t be amused:[ATTACH=full]197114[/ATTACH]

His wife is in America?

They also fight straight filmmakers so at least they’re equal opportunity discriminators:D

Meaning they are out to stifle job creation?

Not that nefarious. They’re just too lazy to do their jobs properly. It’s also a political institution.

Political is the key word here.

…wacha tu.


:D:D Mboss si umeanza busaa mapema

Omwami, uko sawa lakini?

Keep the good work Mutua. The gays should keep their faggotry in their own bedrooms.

:D:D:D:D:D @Abba , what did I tell you about kuamkia busaa ya kilalo ?

Mutua is right. Kama mko na fetishes za kuchunishwa sukuma you should willingly submit yourselves at a nearby GK prison and experience the moment.


This is so true its so hard to do even a school project on film … unaambiwa ulipie sijui licenses ngapi