This kind of love

You didn’t want heaven without us
So Jesus you brought heaven down
My sin was great your love was greater
What could separate us now?

You saying the earth is heaven? Hahahahhahhaha omg hahahhahaha :D:D:D:D:D:D

Hahahaahahaha. Do you know anything about religion?

Yes. The fangi of the masses…

What a wonderful name it is the name of JESUS

Literally @Merry Christmas ime.cum early

Haahaa. Napenda ulivyo mnono hadi kwa akili.

That’s not a very christmassy thing to say …:smiley:

Wueh! Kuria go home for today. go and rest.:D:D

hehe huyu wa Christmas kumbe sio santa

Iko mtu amechapwa uppercut hapa

Kama Santa ndo huyu wacha akae…

Nshafika home … hihihihi

@Merry Christmas how are you, you sexy thing you?

You believe in miracles

sponsors mumejazana kwa hii thread?.. au mnadhani wanapeana sparepart za meno

Star scream start screaming. Lol

Heshimu sponsors :meffi:

Come I make you scream

On my way