This Justus Murunga Guy Was A Village Idiot.

A woman alleging to have sired children with the late Matungu MP Justus Murunga on Wednesday, November 18, filed a suit at the Milimani law courts, seeking to stop the deceased’s burial.

The woman, Agnes Wangui Wambiri, stated that she had been in a relationship with the MP for seven years and that they were blessed with two children.

“I first met the deceased in 2012, when he was a supervisor at the Embakasi Ranching while I was a businesswoman engaged in vendition of beverages and snacks within Sewerage area, Ruai," reads an affidavit.


The late Matungu MP Justus Murunga.

In the suit, Wambiri has named Murunga’s widows, Christabel Murunga and Grace Murunga, as the first and second respondents in the case.

Through her lawyer Danstan Omari, Wambiri wants the deceased remains to continue being preserved at the Lee Funeral Home until her case is heard and determined.

“That pending the hearing and determination of the instant application, this honourable court be and is hereby requested to issue a temporary injunction restraining the 1st and 2nd defendants, either by themselves, servants, agents or employees, from conducting the burial, interment or cremation, and in any manner whatsoever, dispose of the body or remains of the late Justus Murunga Makokha,”reads the court documents.

In addition, Wambiri wants the court to allow her to take DNA samples from her children so as to ascertain that Murunga is the biological father.

She also wants her children to be included in the burial plans for the deceased.

The late Matungu MP died on Saturday night, November 14, at the St Mary’s Hospital.

The lawmaker is said to have developed breathing problems at night before he was rushed to the Matungu Sub-County Hospital.

There, medics could not admit him as the hospital lacked oxygen cylinders. They instead referred to a nearby private hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

[I]“His children sometimes bump into him at the shopping centre. When they go to the shops, they find his brand new Land Cruiser parked outside a bar. Naturally, a child who has not seen his father for months will walk in and say hallo. The child will be shooed away with Sh500,” says another relative, adding that Murunga’s children endure the shame of buying sugar and other necessities in kadogo sachets at a shopping centre where their father is known to be a loaded MP.

The family does not live like their father is a mheshimwa. This January, one of his daughters had issues joining Form Two at a girls’ school in Murang’a County over school fee. Murunga asked his CDF office to send a bursary form to his daughter, a family insider narrated. The bursary is yet to be approved even as schools reopen.

Murunga’s first-born daughter never went beyond secondary school, forcing her maternal relatives to enrol her for a tailoring course. His only son went to driving school and is now a gym instructor in Lang’ata estate in Nairobi.

The third-born stayed at home for three years after secondary school, before her mother, who works for a city-based utility company, struggled to have her study for an airline cabin crew course.

“As a family, we are also very worried about his third-born daughter. She has a kidney ailment that needs dialysis from time to time. The last time the girl was in hospital, the bill was Sh18,000, but the MP only sent Sh1,500,” laments a concerned member of the politician’s extended family, who like others, feared giving out his name.

Asked whether his family has ever confronted him, The Nairobian was told that Murunga is the eldest and the only moneyed sibling in his family and he thus can hardly listen to his younger brothers and sisters, to whom he dishes out stipends.[/I]

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How many clients does Danstan Omari have? Damn. Must be making millions in legal fees.

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The trademark of most politicians after death

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