This Israel Palestine war is fishy

Something is very strange about this war.

Egypt reportedly alerted Israel of the attack days before it happened.

I also find it suspicious that Mossad, the most fierce intelligence agency on earth, failed to detect the attack by Hamas.

Human beings, especially politicians, are known for their bizarre schemes.

Why did Hamas target innocent Israeli revellers during their invasion? Why is Israel dropping JDAM missiles on innocent civilians including babies, women, the elderly and disabled? Could this have been a ploy to sacrifice children, women and the elderly?

Don’t take sides in this fake war. Call for the hanging of all leaders from both sides who incited this massacre.


Bibi is having legal issues, corruption case and judiciary issues


The prophecy in Zephaniah chapter 2 is being fulfilled

Concentrate on impersonating a JAruo miguna bila kutusumbua mbwa hii, we will take sides as we see fit . Itarudi kwenu ugenya as ash in a small bottle to be spread hapo kindu bay


I still maintain. Netanyahu allowed this to go ahead for his own selfish political survival. He had been increasingly isolated. Right now it is very hard to criticize him or frustrate his policies.


Do you see the side effects of MURATINA?

When we are discussing serious politics, the Muratina addict wants to bring chaos to my thread.

This one consumes muratina for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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There is no justification for executing innocent lives.

Netanyahu ought to be hanged by the testicles for his crimes against humanity.

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Innocent people have always been killed in many other ways.

I agree,this war has other objectives other than what we see.

I think it was premeditated,I allege it is also linked to Abraham accords, Ukraine war,US cementing her position in the future as it is currently threatened.

This Palestinian attack was let to happen just like 911 was let to happen, to provide cover for some other agenda… probably to kick the whole Palestinian population out of Gaza and into some tent city in the Sinai desert.