This Is Why Russia Targeted The Retroville Shopping Center

[B][SIZE=6]Military vehicles hiding under the Shopping Center

[SIZE=5]Shocking footage shows Russian ballistic missile destroying shopping mall in Kyiv, Ukraine[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]The enormous explosion annihilated the Retroville mall in the northwest of the capital Kyiv and was so powerful it pulverised vehicles in its car park.
“The Russian army shoots accurately and correctly": Kiev residents confirm the destruction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces technology hidden in the Retroville shopping center. Ukrainians write that the military Ukrainian Armed Forces uses civilians as a living shield.[/SIZE]

Penda sanaaa. All the so-called malls, kindergartens, and hospitals that have been targeted have been used for military purposes. Tomba kabisa.

Ua malisaa …and we are ready to help Russia coz we battle hardened

Wapi @ndume akuje aseme vile russia wameishiwa na ammo

Western propaganda wameona waache kusema ukraine are winning. Because it gave their citizen false hope to join the ukraine foreign legion. After wale foreign fighter kulipulia na kufanywa nyama choma. Raia wengi walikufa. Wakaona kama wangesema ukweli hao raia hawange nyuria.
American are shitting in their pants. Kizangla hypersonic missile their missiles system cant intercept. We will hit those NATO military bases. Tutupe kadha pale America pentagon,zingine UK na Australia. A dead American is a peaceful world. The ghost of libya,syria, Iraq zikuwe na bash after we exterminate NATO warmongers.

Ukraine has been let down by its so called allies vibaya sana. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, it took less than 48 hours for France and UK to declare war on Germany. If Ukraine was planning to join Nato, then it is an ally worth saving by Nato. This will be a turning point in the world balance of power as countries will form new military and economic pacts. Watch out for formations like BRIC rising steeply up in the pecking order.

Hehehe… some retards shared pic on Facebook and an iskander was assigned to them at night.

Mzuri sana

At this point this is a clear losing battle for them.They should just surrender the way Germans did to Soviet union WW2.Russians hawapendi vichwa ngumu.

Stupid country accepting to be used by the West kuchokoza Russia. Shida ni hio ghassia walichagua.

At least former Presidents were seasoned politicians.

Please understand the term Sovereignty

Conducting serious discussion and analysis of this Russian Invasion is almost impossible amidst the cacophony , ignorance and misguided propaganda emanating from clueless Juveniles and Armchair guesswork “pundits” …

But as this outrage progresses , Putin’s will soon realize his folly and will only be left with the option on escalation …

There is good evidence that he is now considering the use of CBW and other similar weapons …

That will be the last nail in his coffin … :D:D

Kwani wasn’t Cuba sovereign in October 1962?

What of Venezuela, Iran and North Korea are they sovereign as far as your side is concerned?

CNN ni kama tu base ya jaba, hakuna difference

Na ndio walisema ati barakashit drones zinaonyesha ruskies moto. Weh unaona ni kama barakashit na russian drones zinaeza share airspace kweli? Hizi ghasseer zisurrender ziache kujichocha bure.

Vile loki bro wa thor alisema, “An ant should not quarrell with a boot!!!”

Wacha hata hio, Ukraine has a Russian populace. Sovereignty my foot. @rexxsimba itafika wakati the comedian atakua anaomba apewe lubricant but the request will not be granted.

Russia has lost almost 10,000 soldiers in less than four weeks in Ukraine, according to its own figures. The death toll was part of an update from Moscow’s defence ministry – and, while they were quickly removed from the website of Komsomolskaya Pravda, a pro-government tabloid, they remained on the archive last night.

Note: the actual figure is over 15000

  1. Ukraine has nothing for them to control
  2. They fear Russia as they aren’t as prepared to upkeep their citizens incase of a world war.

Which country wants ‘Kizangla hypersonic missile’ (kinzhal dagger) landing in their capital?

Nato cant do shit to Motherland Russia.

Mzee Putin gave them a powerful warning. ‘Who ever tries to intervene will witness something never seen before in their history’. Biden and Boris cant do shit

That will be the last nail in his coffin … :D:D. Correction: In zelensky’s coffin

I have heard that some social media whores - mostly deluded foreign fighters - are looking for upvotes pale Reddit thus giving Russia open source intel.

Ghasias are posting for likes like teenage girls unwittingly get pulverized by Russian missiles :D:D.