This is why Leftism eventually goes nowhere

Biden has signed his first executive order.

Men who identify as women are now legally protected against discrimination. They are now free to dress like women, use women’s bathrooms and compete as women against women.

And if women say anything they will be canceled grouped along with the conservatives they have spent the last few years bashing

What started as a women’s rights movement has now become more anti-woman than the mythical patriarchy

Sema kujieka chobo

all that gender-is-subjective and 56 genders nonsense will come to bite them in the ass when people that are clearly male follow them into the loo to do whatever they want

:D:D:D tuliambiwa we are morons and that they are in fact the stable geniuses. Weh wacha tu.

Na tukaambiwa jobs are not more important than human rights sijui sexual rights. And oil is bad . They want green oil.

Tuseme nini jameni. You can’t argue with Ivy league grads who think God is also a …

And they dont seem to learn that the reason a superpower like Japan is sliding back economically is mainly because of INFERTILITY. Towns have no citizens no workers plus a huge ageing population.

Now with more ga.ys in society where will the babies come from?

Americans will be shafted in the a*** until they come back to their senses. They will regret why they allowed these demons to rule the country.

Next, immigrant rights. They should demolish “The Wall” and allow mexican sicarios and drug runners a shot at the american dream.

He’s already proposed a law that gives the 11 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship

Akiendelea hivi, in 2024, America will elect a President that will make Trump look mild

Immigrants laws, faggets laws, that only man will try to go to war with Supreme leader kim, Transgender running the ducking government.