This Is Why Indians Don't Marry Black People

This Is Why Indians Don’t Marry Black People

Who would want to marry a panjeet :smiley:

If you are exposed a bit on worldly travel and have encountered Indians along the way you would never EVER want to be in a relationship with one let alone marry one

Omubonobo na low self-esteem

Only in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad) do you find Indians marrying Blacks freely. Anywhere else, is a no.
But I find them very flat. No spice in life. How do you grow up no sports, not much cultural appreciation ( music, movies…) outside your own?

Ukweli usemwe hao Ranjeet can’t withstand African salamis. They were not build to withstand hard pounding.

Naweza penda kubinja an indian

Indian caste system at work…

Why are blacks looking for racist Indians?

Wachaneni na chootah. Devil’s spawn. Kwani black women wameisha?

Mimo hata nikapewa Muhindira bure. I kent marre.

Wahindi wako sawa, used to munch 1 in 2nd year uni. Hakuwa hawa wa ngara, elite type. Shida ni wazazi walikuwa wananiudhi sana

Huko India wanakunia kunia kila mahali.Ukipanda train utaona familia ya baba mama na watoto wawili na mamboch wote wame squat wanakunia kando ya rail track waki face train waki wave.
Pals who studied in Indian universities are ever full of stories of saa zile wako dry spell they used to hide behind the bushes waiting for madem waindi wakienda kukunia.The trick was that akimaliza kukunia aanze kuosha haga na maji,usiache amalize hio maji,nyemelea yeye na uingize njwanga from behind na umwage ndani halafu utoke mbio.
Who would like to marry such low lifes?

Blacks eat cows which is considered a holy animal in India. In fact if you live near muhindis and you regularly cook meat, you can never be friendly.

Not that panjeet don’t marry blacks, they marry their cousins and sisters.

That’s super ironic. For niggas that make 3 hr long movies with half of that being music and dancing, and for the people with the most and third subscribed music channel on Youtube, its super ironic the Indians you meet do not appreciate music.

Outside their culture

Nimeona wahindi wengi wana hii tabia ya kunyonga mbele ya madem venye hawa wa nduthi hufanya. Alafu wanaambia madem “show me bobs and vagene, i sex you” Wanakuaga awkward wakikatia madem

wahindi tunadinya huku njee