This is what you can expect if you let a chimpanzee get you pregnant

Imagine that you are in a country full of Jungus then you give your womb to a monkey. A MONKEY. If women in Africa where 99.99% of the men are black are busy running away from these chimpanzees and protecting their wombs, how can you as a black woman, be in the US or any place where majority of the men are white then you let a chimpanzee get you pregnant? Black women need to wake up. See now, this beautiful lady had to go through hell for not protecting her womb from chimpanzees. She’s now a single mum of two in a foreign country where she has no one to support her. Ladies please let us style up, getting pregnant for a chimpanzee will ruin your life. You rather be a single mother of junguu kids if you don’t want to be tied down to a man.