This Is What The Wall Looks Like!

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW =FREEDOM…the mighty wall is merciless, relentless and undefeated,it takes no prisoner s .

The wall reigns supreme…viva UKUTA

Watching these anecdotal videos skews your perspective.

Most simps go to these platforms for validation. Go out there, meet women, sleep with them, get disappointed, go to Karura, you will be happy. Maisha haina formula.

Why are you worried about disgruntled women? Hiyo ni shida yao.

What should one do when you’re ugly, broke and hauna lugha?


stupid tattooed cows like the 70 year old barren cow @TrumanCapote .

women are supposed to start giving birth by 16 years .

Tough question my man coz I’m tall, fit, got a good career, lugha hukuja naturally after that. Handsome wachia akina @Azor Ahai lightskin nigga.