This is what non black women get for dating these chimpanzees -they get the same BS black women have been getting

Let’s keep it junguu . Who kills entire families except these chimpanzees and their psycho entitled selves? Anyway play with fire will get burnt. We have seen enoiugh black women crash and burn, to know that black men are mentally unstable and just downright crazy. If you dont want problems in your life or you dont want your entire family killed dont mess with these chimps. Pole to the family.This is the same bs black women including their own family members have to deal with.

Kapondi nataka kukunyambisha

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nyambisha mamako chimpanzee psycho. Im blocking your psycho ass. Junguu all the way.


Wewe nikupate nitakata hio kinembe niuzie ogas for some vodoo, hauna heshima hata

punda wewe

Capote meffi inakaa akili yako ilitombwa na mbwa ako na rabies

tucker tucker mzee