This is what Kenya needs

Tukipata hii technology, half our problems are already solved…


This is just another example of stupid humans messing with millennia-old ecosystems. There are good reasons for that 50 degree heat.

Such as?

warming the camels balls

Venye @captain obvious amesema.

@Mzalendo mkuu what Kenya needs is to harvest water and carry out irrigation.
Let’s stop complicating things. Focus.

wakenya waache kucomplicate maneno.

NGOMBE Kabisa…
All of You …!!!

Every rain season , Trillions of liters of good rain water flows into the Indian Ocean and no one seems to do anything with it …


ION yesterday five people killed in northern kenya when heavy rains pounded the region for 10 hrs nonstop several cows and four people swept away by flush floods then,
tomorrow Kenya in need of food as severe drought rages in northern kenya.several animals and people dead.africans we should be killed

Watu hawakusoma hydrological cycle ama nini? These are the same bonobos who shaves eyebrows


This shit happened over ten years ago with a negative effects …why is it news again?

1933 technology lakini NIABM