This is what happens when you take in a stray dog

You nurse it to health, give it a comfortable life…then one day, when it’s strong enough, it mauls you to death.
That’s why huwa sihurumii hawa watu huwa na sob stories vile they were in “abusive” relationships with “a narcissist.”
I wish to apologize to all dogs across the world for associating them with this cold-blooded murderer.

Hii tulona enzi za mfalme Herodi

You tube has bn recommending this video nalenga… I will try and watch it.

niaje mason

i often wonder why most single mothers blame their men for failed relationships and label them ‘narcissist’ . Its rare to hear the men’s side of the story

They are trying to save you…
Keep ignoring it at your own risk.

Stray dogs tena? But the message is home.

Poa sana ndume suruali.

mimi sikuona