This is what happens when you leave these baboons BEHIND

Maureen Waititu show them gurl. Monkeys kuleni wembe. Monkey Franky Hana pesa woiye Corazon can only do throw back photos. LOL. Monkey business. Enyewe God has a crazy sense of humor, kwanza when it comes to single mothers of more than one kid. I used to feel sorry for Maureen and wakina mama bear kuachwa na watoto wawili. Now I am like these monkeys leaving them was the best thing that ever happened to them. Tanasha Donna should be next, asahau fish lips monkey Diamond and start living her life. The Shollei way, you divorce today kesho uko Carribean na mzungu.

Well…it’s ridiculously stúpid to think a single mum can beat a guy single handedly… financially that is…she’ll need an imbecile of a simp to support her one way or the other

To what end? The bounce back for men from a narcissistic relationship is always strong and unadvertised.

That’s the one thing most women have never figured out and that’s why the makasiriko is high and we see them shaking their mat-a-ko all over social media. Meanwhile man’s gets over it and reboots his recovery strategy.

Life is a journey not an event. You can floss this n that, but you still have to make a living.