This is what 15 years of civil war does: Liberia

If you thought life is hard in kenya, try Liberia. Kenya ni ka majuu in comparison and thats saying something.

-child labor for kids aged 5 and above
- Peasant siring up to 8 kids as a source of labor
-Non existent infrastructure, etc
Just watch the damn documentary for some perspective

Colonization helped us with infrastructure. We would have been just the same.

Nope, you can’t compare the infrastructure in the colonial era to what was done under negro self rule. Most of the hinterlands were rural jungles even under colonial rule:rolleyes:

There was nothing much happening in the hinterlands. Large farm here and there. But look at the design in the major cities up to the 80s in our case. Also refer to the countries that had colonialism until recent SA, Namibia , etc. Compare those with those that had no colonialization.

Colonization ended early 60s and most of Nairobi’s infrastructure developed after independence, moi is the one who messed it up especially during the 80s.

Kenya is a paradise, but Kenyans don’t know

we are not satisfied which can be a good thing as it drives us forward.

there is level to this shitholeness. niliona ile documentary vice walifanya on warring factions in liberia eating human flesh sijui with general buttnaked it made me count my blessings. hapa kenya we have it decent although we are still a shithole but kenya is still livable.

huko west africa na central africa kumeharibika mbaya mbovu.

Unfortunate vile tunaharibu hi paradise, umecheki hio NTV clip jana ya Toxic Flow vile Lake Victoria inakua polluted like theres no tomorrow bana

24 years of waste under Moi. Kenya will NEVER recover those lost years. Sad.

I watched another documentary on Liberia during Samuel doe reign

There was this part where thousands of refugees were fleeing from the war

Then there was a roadblock mounted by prince Johnson men

People from Samuel doe tribe were picked out,undressed then shot dead in full view of others
Even women and small kids

Bonobo ni bonobo tu… These guys were repatriated from the US as freed slaves and instead of building a successful nation and applying technology and ways they had learnt in the US, they went ahead and proved that a bonobo cannot be a nation builder.They became an elite class akin to the rest of Africa and plundered the nation. Ghaseer sana.

Mbara ti ucuru

Ethiopia was not colonized and look at them now. Don’t even mention Namibia because we all know the Germans control their economy while Africans there are paupers. Windohoek is a superficial city that looks good on the surface but a deeper dive reveals things are not that rosy. Refer to this thread Those of you who were singing praises how neat and organized Windhoek, Namibia is: kwa ground things are different - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

What’s the difference travelling on that road and the journey to mandera or wajir

the freed slaves were not given skills to improve themselves. They were not educated and all they knew was master and slave. And that is what they did in their new environment. Just like you, there is so much good going on in your environment and on the internet, but all you see is the negative in the black man as you wait for your white saviour to come and save you. What you don’t realise is that you will die amongst those that you look down on so much coz you represent the worst in them. I know you will never step out of your home town coz you are just too ignorant.

i also watched hii ya madagascar and enyewe Kenya tuko mbele.

Summary for the Madagascar video below:

  1. There is a lot of illegal harvesting of some trees over there. The trees are sold to Chinese.
  2. To prevent mass logging of those trees the govt prefers not to build motorable roads.
  3. There is no road between two major coastal towns. Njia ni kujitafutia. (The documentary follows a certain young driver trying to make the journey between the two towns)
  4. Along the way there is a govt owned ferry. Its supposed to be subsidised by the govt however the operator charges atleast one litre of diesel for you to use the ferry. (Diesel inakamuliwa kwa gari)

Kenya is trully a paradise, but our people don’t know.