This is very interesting. Homosexual put on notice

A former Twitter exec Yoel Roth is being grilled for is part in censoring members of the Congress. Serious allegations have been made. What I find the most interesting is that none of the American media houses have highlighted these allegations. Instead, they are all reporting that Homoseual Yoel is being subjected to harrassment.

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What about handsome ones?

American mainstream media is a govt propaganda tool. Hawawezi mulika how deep state have infiltrated social media to censor people. Their censorship was so bad hadi they were silencing Drs who questioned the efficiency of covid vaccines.
Deep state

The allegations against Yoel Roth were distortions of the facts:


Mimi huwa naisha, Yoel Roth is richer than 100% of all kijiji members and he is married to a man who is richer than some counties in Kenya. Lowlife opinions by third worlders wouldn’t make him lose his sleep.

@MajorProphet nataka kupetition management mpya mfunguliwe section yenyu ya mashoga na nyi pekee yenu mkuwe na kifunguo…tuma majina yako kamili na mashoga wenzako management ifanye mambo… Shenzi sana

I beg to differ homosexual should be killed on the spot. That space they occupy can be used to grow flower to make the earth beautiful.

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How is threatening a homo antisemitic and a bad thing generally?

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Why are you advocating sequestration of harmless individuals into a group? Calm down.

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