This is the true meaning of Hitting the wall. See latest photo of famous chokoza singer MARYA

I think we all have crushes we are/were obsessed with… be it in school, celebrity circles etc. I can tell you that when you get that one chance to meet/interact with them, they do not usually turn out to be what your brain made them out to be. It is all in your head, and truth be told, there is high probability that you have had way much better experiences with women you have already dated than you could probably have with these crushes (lakini huwezi appreciate juu ushachapa kitu)…

Mayyyne, I had a MASSIVE crush on her. I wish her all the best. Hii ngoma nilireplay mara 457,077 kukagua tu hizo curves

Typical of any human.aging is inevitable

The wall is relentless and undefeated…huyu ako na alpha male hangover Kali zaidi,alpha widow grade one wakiwa na Avril , single mother na 8s to boot,weeee!!! Noma Sana.

Just a mongrel gossiping about people who’re way above their league. Shida yako no low-IQ, low self-esteem, low bank balance, na umama mingi.

:D:D:D:D… you is a idle motherfucker yaani this is what you search for in the internet!

Huyu dem si ati amechapa ni pesa tu ndio hakuna vizuri. Sai akishika pesa poa she’ll transform

Wueh! huyu ni kama alipigaTHE WALL headbutt moja fyam


Not true. Rather it’s junk food+alcohol+family planning pills

Beauty is a depreciating asset… That’s why it is advisable for women to cash in early before they start looking like that… We hope she has already secured the bag in form of a husband.

Lakini kusema ukweli, she was a chubby girl from kitambo… Ni makeup na photoshopping ilikuwa inafanya akae 8/10… Lakini as time passes, makeup becomes useless.

Pia akina Vera Sidika na Huddah watachapa ile serious… Especially wakianza kusota… Preserving beauty is an expensive undertaking, for both men and women

Zinaitangwa alpha male ghosts. They haunt these post-wall women like nonsense.

Damn, life really did a number on her. Saa hii anakaa your typical 45±year-old hag. Huyu aligonga The Wall at 260km/hr.

I hope hiyo jamaa wako nayo sio beta provider juu hapo atapata raw deal ingine haikai.:D:D:D Outright, conning ile.

People age, this girl was singing 10-15 years ago, that’s a long time, she’s expected cted to change. Grow up

And what are you doing in a toilet section in Kenya talk if you search serious things in the internet… ghasia

Read Bloomberg and business daily and move madafaka

amechapa kuchapa , hata matiti zimekuwa flat kama pasi sura muzeee . wadau tukubali hii kitu haiwezi

:D:D With no airbags

Hii sithani hata @digi anaweza kubali na vile anakuwanga na standards za chini :smiley: