This is the true meaning of Hitting the wall. See latest photo of famous chokoza singer MARYA

Si huyu mdame alichapa jamani.


Was she supposed to remain youthful for the rest of her life ? She’s just fine for her age.
The irony here is that, hivyo unasema amechapa, i really doubt if you approached her you would end up hitting it . I really doubt.

Back then…[ATTACH=full]268142[/ATTACH]

Life + responsibilities…

Sasa hawezi chokoza :D:D:D

hehe now she has to tolerate an abusive man after hitting the wall back then, alikua anasema hadai kuchokozwa…

Kweni unamjua… how do you now she has an abusive man? This seems like it’s personal.

The typical Rise and Fall Cycle of any Slay Queen …
Vera Sidika is next …:eek::D:D

Buda, don;t be lazy…Google these stories and be updated…

her close friend Avril now rendered a single mother

Ujana moshi


Hii kitu hakuna kuchokoza, she’s fat now

Not to mention Wear and Tear …:smiley:

Ushasema Kahuni. Mimi hushangaa sana na watu hapa. They hate so much on strangers but never bother to parade their better halves also for assessment and rating.

Halafu this lady released her track close to a decade ago… if she was 21 then, she is 31 today!

And finally hio ni pub. Amekunywa. Her face is sweaty. The lighting is terrible.

if you make your life public,be ready to be discussed…We aint hating on anyone ghaseer…We are just stating facts and probably sending a message to your slay queen sister that she will soon hit the wall like Marya after her private parts are deconstructed by all sizes of d!cks…

Tell him. The life of a celebrity is subject to public debate. Not so for us leading our lives privately.

or hide your private life like Wyre ama redsan…

Matusi ya nini mzee?

It seems you’ve always had a crash on this lass but zero chance of ever meeting her and telling her your true feelings… leo ukaamua kujipiga consolation. :smiley:

Hio ni understandable.

Lakini hata akifikisha fifty na akuitie p**sy for sure utakimbia kwake kama ka-puppy. A celebrity crush is for life.

There are fellows in their 50s today still lusting over Janet Jackson. Wamempenda tangu 1984…and if given a chance, they would drop their wives IMMEDIATELY! (for a few minutes at least before sobberness and reality creeps back in.)

She wasn’t astoundingly hot and she’s less so now, but would definitely hit.

acha hata kuchokoza…huyu kuchokozwa hawezi