This is the Tanzanian man predicting deaths of Kenyans

Going by tiba asilia on FB

You don’t need the influence of jinis or traditional herbs to know the consequences of an act of folly. You need the influence of common sense.

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He looks handsome

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Enda ubomolewe kabatt like the dog you are ,hii mbwa pia usijaribu kupredict death ya mkamba ama tumalize



Which folly was Rita Tinina in?

That comment was not about her, it was about ‘Kenyans’. By then had not seen that he had named names.

Am shocked. You posted a black man



Aww. Shoot.

According to his prediction, Atwoli ilikua anafaa akate umeme before Rita Tinina. Personally I do not believe in witchcraft because I have never seen it with my eyes. Akwende huko. Luhya king pin is here to stay.

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stupid bonobos

I suggest tumfanyishe mtihani tuone kama ni ukweli. Leta jina lako tumtumie aweke kwenye hiyo orodha instead.

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…wewe shifo bana!!!

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Now he will con more people.

People are scared of him he threatened a lady who insulted him on comments section and she died. Huyo mtu ni mchawi suguu.

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Can we know his exact whereabouts bcz he’s the only one who survived from that list.

I saw the post yesterday of the lady today he’s deleted it.

This planet has too many bullies. He could be useful…:thinking:

Satan has no frens. Today he’s asking Natasha to pray for Atwoli. I saw a video of Chira an hour before the accident. He looked like a ghoul. Soul less.

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