This is the Subaru of all Subarus. The apex subaru ever built in case you were wondering.

I must say I expected more.

2004 Impreza WRX STI ikiwa in action.

this is the holy grail of subaru

On this one I truly agree … The 04 was the father of all

The 2001 has better looks.

Washaharibu jina na vitu zingine naona huku kwa barabara. Models whose names you can’t even remember unless you see it 50 times. Reminds me of sweet RAV4 1999, before the softy RAV4 models came to be.

Toyota Supra is the Queen of my heart

I only tambua 2017 Forester :smiley:

Subaru ni gari za walevi hudinyia madem kwa backseat ya gari juu hawawezi kulipa room decent

The 2004 forester cross sport lookwise is the best