You have to wonder how comes out of all the money we borrow none can generate income to actually pay the loans. Well, thats because the money is going directly into UhuRuto pockets and all this infrastructure hullabaloo is just a front. WSR has now sold his Jogoo Rd apartments for almost 4Billion to the police service. Mark you, the plot is on a road reserve ofcourse the money - borrowed money that Kenyans will be left paying generations later is already in WSR pockets. Just wait for this year’s budget, taxes going up, up, up ,mind you the people who make serious money in Kenya do not pay taxes so hii pesa yenu kidogo ndio italipa hizi loans brace yourselves -right now 60% minimum of income goes to tax in few years it will be 80% of your hard earned income- minimum going to KRA- Slavery is REAL but bado 2022 ni kumera kumera ama vipi -Hustler 2022 No? . Inflation can also be expected to go up,up, up ile 78% inflation during Moi era will be like a picnic after these duet are done with us. Uzuri hata watu wa Jubilee tutaumia pamoja so maybe that will unite us as Kenyans. Nothing like suffering to unite peeps. Tuko pamoja in funding sale of WSR properties built on grabbed land. Na hyu mtu akikuwa president itakuaje my frens. Atatuiba.

Juu ya hiyo story hata mimi nko NYUMA YAKO na sibanduki kamwe

Atatukula bila chumvi

Waiting for Stockholm syndrome replies from kumiras

Leo wamechapwa masweep kali na reality check.

Wanaskiza album mpya ya Ben Githae, hawana time ya kucomment:D:D:D

We want to blame Ruto for everything the same way we blame Raila for everything?

Where is the evidence of Ruto’s ownership of this jogoo Road building? Where is the sale agreement? Who conducted it?

I think we just really really REALLY need to stop being stupid. Really!

Preach till thy Kingdom Cometh. And while at it, why should those creating employment in this country be taxed ? I mean, the more people you employe the less tax you pay.
You don’t wanna tell me that somebody idling the whole day files 0 returns and that person who have created employment for 1000 people or so, should be burdened with heavy taxation, to support those making 0 returns.

Yes. Creating employment WSR style , sell property developed from govt back to govt, lease cars to the popo and then after that patia hao insurance bae bae. Then let Bidco boss 180M tax evasion slide while he cleans your laundered money with shares hehe. The hustle is REAL. Achieng Njenga endelea kutetea hawa wezi. Tuko pamoja ikifikia kulipa loan.

Yawa all this ujinga has come from one head? I tell you Ruto is the new Raila. You will all obsess over him.