This is the month of boychild at least women have taken a break:Two brothers commit suicide in Narok

Glad they didn’t kill any women. Ukiona tumechoka na Maisha leave other innocent people out of it.

Problem with polygamy

As per police report it was due to a family feud pitting two families of the same mzee due to land issues.The mzee allegedly allocated boys from the first family huge chucks of land to the disappointment of these two brothers who belong to the second wife.As result they threatened to kill in revenge but word got into police before they realized their threats and this prompted these two brothers to take their own lives.So sad indeed.

Kazi swaffe, now the brothers of first family will take those small chunks left by the fallen keyhees.

This looks like a beautiful valley; why hang themselves there? Now it’s going to be a spooky place