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[SIZE=7]Ten policemen arrested over weekend crime spree[/SIZE]
Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cases of police officers engaging in crime continue to rise with at least 10 officers from various units getting arrested this weekend over theft of government property, bribery, and robbery with violence.

In Nairobi, an officer attached to the Critical Infrastructure Command Centre in Nairobi was arrested alongside four others on Saturday morning for allegedly stealing 11 seamless pipes valued at Sh275,000.
The items belonging to Cale Construction Company had been loaded into a pickup belonging to a Mr Ephantus Mwangi at one of the Nairobi expressway construction sites.


Officers on patrol immediately suspected that the items had been stolen and blocked the pickup, as the driver attempted to escape
They arrested the officer namely Thomas Odira Musasa, the truck’s driver, the site’s guard Andrew Kores Nkitiya. Others arrested included Samuel Kariuki and Samuel Mutembei. The group was booked at the Embakasi police station.
The pipes were collected as exhibits, pending the suspects’ appearance in courts tomorrow.
On Saturday, a Corporal and three police constables attached to Buruburu police station were arrested for allegedly harassing and demanding bribes from wines and spirits traders in Buruburu shopping center.
The four; Raymond Kurui, Dennis Mutisya Wambya, Wambua Nguku, and Ben Wafula Wesakanta were placed in custody at Buruburu police station and their radio gadgets and handcuffs confiscated.
The matter is still under investigation.
In Busia County, a police constable attached to Butula Police Station is being investigated for allegedly throwing the station’s Occurrence book into a pit latrine within the station.
Constable Dennis Kinoti is believed to have committed the act to destroy the evidence after he was accused of slapping his female colleague on Thursday last week.

The OB has since been retrieved and held as an exhibit. The case is still under investigation.
In Kiambu, police are investigating an incident in which fake Ruiru Prison Staff Training College’s calling letters were issued to Nancy Nyawira Kiruchi, Moses Gitau Mburu,John Kebaso Ongaga and Mercy Wambui Kaime to have their relatives attend training.
A police report filed at Ruiru police station notes that the four were issued the letter by one Benson Nganga who allegedly works at Prisons Headquarters.
The victims said they had been duped to give Sh1.4 million to facilitate their relatives’ admission into the college during last week’s recruitment exercise.
The suspect will be arraigned in court under a miscellaneous application tomorrow.
Last Thursday, four DCI detectives attached to Lang’ata police station were arrested by detectives from the Serious Crimes Unit for committing robbery with violence.
According to DCI George Kinoti, the four reportedly abducted a man at NextGen Mall, along Mombasa road in Nairobi, on February 6 and forcefully demanded money from him.
The man was waiting for a taxi along Mombasa road when the officers bundled him into a waiting vehicle.
While inside the car, Corporal Tom Otieno forcefully transferred Sh40,000 from the victim’s Mpesa account, before further stealing another Sh248,000 from his house and dumping him along Mombasa road, after the two-hour ordeal.
The suspects have since been positively identified by the victim pending their arraignment in court.


Four DCI officers from left to right Kennedy Omondi Odero, Tom Omondi Otieno, Corenelius Stephen Wambua and Anthony Muvaka Mwanza
at a Milimani court on Monday, February 14, 2022 where they denied the offense of robbery with violence. They were each released on a bond
of Sh500 000 or alternatively pay a cash bail of Sh300 000.Their case will be mentioned on March 3, 2022.

[SIZE=7]DCI Exposes New Scam Switching NTSA Logbooks in Parking lots[/SIZE]
[li]By GEOFFREY LUTTA on 16 February 2022 - 1:06 pm[/li]
The thieves caught on camera breaking into a vehicle
The office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has exposed a new syndicate targeting vehicles in parking areas and those left on busy highways especially in Nairobi.

In a detailed expose, DCI has disclosed that the syndicate operates in a well choreographed manner targeting cars in parking lots reportedly working with some officials drawn from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

In a well calculated move, the individuals identify a car on the roadside or that at a parking lot before contacting their partners at NTSA.
Nairobi City County Parking Along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi

The undisclosed NTSA officials then help them change the details of the targetted car including its registration.

After infiltrating the system, they reportedly go ahead to use the logbooks of the car to secure huge loans from financial institutions in the country.

In most cases, car owners ended up realising later that their logbooks were used to secure bank loans exposing them to the hammer of auctioneers.

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti

DCI further detailed that in one of the cases, a physically challenged woman received a posh car as a gift from her daughter, but she later realized that her car was used by the said syndicate to acquire a loan valued at Ksh1.5 million.

In another case, an unsuspecting member of the public lost Ksh1.4 million after he realized that his car’s logbook was used to acquire loans from different financial institutions.

“The fraudsters drive top of the range vehicles, posing as legitimate businessmen in the thriving property, land and logistics sector while all they do is identify a vehicle on the road or at a parking slot before contacting their partners in crime at the NTSA and have the vehicles registered in their names,” part of the statement released by DCI read.

“They then rush to microfinance institutions and obtain credit leaving the owners at the mercy of ruthless auctioneers.”

The complexity of the web of scammers has compelled DCI to employ the services of the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau to hunt down three more suspects who are believed to be part of the gang.

One of the suspects was arraigned at Makadara Law Courts on Tuesday, February 15, and charged with forgery among other charges.

Brian Black
Jamani even owning ur own car is now an issue in this here kenya.eish!!

Tom Kadum
DCI you have no otherwise. You have to bring to an end such monkey businesses in this country ones and for all because you are more than capable of doing that! Yes you are equal to the task at hand. Do all that is possible within and without your means to stop completely such acute level of insanity. We cannot live in a country where a certain clique of people don’t want to sweat yet they want to eat life with big spoon! No way! Crack them all… What Kenyans should be waiting to see and hear are success stories to that effect.

Ah Moha
Its very simple to get to the bottom of this thing, just trace who changed the details at the main ntsa offices and thats it. whoever logged in or allowed his password to be used is the main culprit and investigation to begin there. but telling us that this is happening and that the government cannot do anything is a total nonsense.

In other news…

[SIZE=7]Police Announce Crackdown on Matatus[/SIZE]
[li]By DERRICK OKUBASU on 16 February 2022 - 2:27 pm[/li]’s%20famous%20Machakos%20country%20bus%20station.jpg?itok=A1032MSK
Long distance buses at Nairobi’s Machakos Country Bus Station i
Police have launched a crackdown targeting idle matatu passengers, commonly known as kupiga seti or Kamagera, in an attempt to streamline the sector.

Speaking to on Wednesday, February 16, Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso noted that some of the idle passengers end up engaging in crime.

He further explained that those found plotting to commit a crime would be arrested and presented in the court of law with some having been nabbed in Nairobi’s Kamukunji area.

"People who sit in matatus preparing to commit a crime, they must be arrested. If the intention can be proven, through evidence and intelligence that that is what they do, they will be arrested for that. For idling or whatever it is.
Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso addressing the press.

“I am sure they have arrested so many (idlers) in places such as Kamukunji (in Nairobi)… That is a legal issue and those are petty offences,” he explained.

The new line of competitive business where the idle individuals are hired by the matatu operators to mislead commuters that the vehicles are almost full has been on the rise recently.

Nairobi routes are the most affected with Machakos Country Bus stage recording the highest number to the chagrin of genuine travellers who might spend hours after boarding matatus.

The ‘squad’, which includes more than four individuals working in cahoot with matatu drivers, are usually paid between Ksh10 and Ksh20 per session.

What worries the police force is that some of the idlers join the ring with ill motives leading to the harassment of other passengers and sometimes muggings.

Matatu Welfare Association chairman Dickson Mbugua, however, defended the matatus engaging in the practice noting that it is not an illegal business.

He further claimed that it was not a common practice and was only a reserve of the long-distance buses which had become rampant during the pandemic period.

Matatu drop-off stage at GPO along Kenyatta Avenue

“These days, it is not common because matatus no longer compete for passengers. For town services, it is there but in rare cases.

"There is no law barring that and there is no way any law enforcer will start arresting these young men. That is the courtesy of the stage Sacco managers, who want to ensure the young men have something to take home at the end of the day,” he told The Standard.

A Chinese contractor that is under investigation for using forged documents to win an Sh8 billion tender was secretly sub-contracted to finish building a stalled Sh1.4-billion road, leading to a standoff over payments, which is now delaying the project.

How troubled Chinese firm bagged lucrative contract…

[=AZWVgLYfdMdEwFagd0hBNJEhJ156vm51VYbwchKwvhWESBsGyh5uA6k_rKA4xQXAs7wkYvjyFL_eaJLZGWHFhxBjj3HgBGKLHcxCZoj_oqnBO9xI3eJWmIj0ibQqFHoY3lI85nGkK4zjDVcGIxNo1I_9BSZWzgLbycImMIVtDtkTdRa3cOlqPg6nov9tksHodGA&tn=R]-R’]Anthony Barasa Nyongesa]('[0)
China is a beautiful destination and partner for all corrupt African regimes.
Actually most of these companies undertaking mega projects are Kenyan owned only registered in China