This is the best government since Moi's

I mean it is great for those who are in strategic positions. If you are, lazima uomoke. This government won’t arrest you for corruption. It is free for all. Mimi hapa penye niko ni kujiposition tu. Nitapiga deal Mojave swafi ya 8 digits na niomoke. Next thing ni kutulia na kungoja appointment kwa board fulani. Great time to be alive and in a strategic position. Hii serikali ni ya Loot-All and I am ready.

I am sorry for those paupers. Those hohehahe riff raffs who actually voted the government into power. Nyinyi mta suffer kama mbwa. Shenzi nyinyi. Serikali iko na wenyewe na mimi niko na kiti karibu na meza.

Kula 8 digits yako mos mos na usikuje kukunia hapa kwa kijiji.

If you belong to that exclusive Club of the super rich then it does not matter who is in power. For you, life will just go on.

Jisaidie hadi ukufe,

This government favors those in illegal businesses. All you have to do is grease some corrupt hands and you are good to go.