This is South Sudan a country lead by Njaruos. Njaruos always insist they are the best leaders on earth...

… then why does South Sudan look like this???

@Swansea why does Kibera look the way it looks???

Why is Nyanza still so poor despite having numerous PhDs and endless supplies of fresh water, omena, perfect weather and excellent fertile soils???

I have just seen the American Njaruo called Kuothni Abdimalech Ken Saro Wiwa Jack Daniels @Swansea Ochollah Onyango Mak Opach Mak Ber Seme, insisting that Luo leaders are the brightest and the best leaders on earth. The Njaruopean even insisted that Uhuru was tired after 5 years and wanted to go home and Raila came in and saved him… you know sometimes you read the arrogance in Njaruo chats and you can’t help but laugh. :D:D:D:D

@Swansea then why doesn’t Nyanza look like heaven???

Why are Njaruos the most affected by HIV via practices like Jaboya???

@Swansea why did Njaruos like you escape to the U.S to seek greener pastures if Njaruo leadership in Kenya is indeed the best thing since ice cream???

In fact why do Njaruos run away to Central Kenya and to Kalenjin cities and towns to seek greener pastures whereas they have their own darn province with a massive lake,fertile soils and all the cash crops that mzungu left for them???

Why is Barack Obama a Luo the most divisive President in American history???

Look at how he has divided blacks and whites with his woke politics. That motherfucker killed Ghaddafi for crying out loud. It is because of Obama’s attitude towards African leaders like Kibaki which lead said African leaders to turn to China for loans!!!

So it is indeed very hard to find this Luo excellence that you speak of. Let’s not forget that Raila Odinga chased away Waiguru from her own ministry when she started making Kibera look good and Baba look useless.

So this myth of Njaruo excellence or Raila excellence is just that a myth!

And you will also notice the same arrogance with one Georgina Makena Awinja Fatima aka @TrumanCapote .

Patty , siku mingi sana bana.

I am not Luo. I don’t have Luo children. I however love and respect Baba. He is God’s gift to our country. Long live Baba.

usisahau @Sambamba

Raila is not even a good tactician or politician because how do you lose an election yet you are in power??? How???

If Raila is such a master politician why and how did he get defeated twice when he was in sirkal???

In 2013 he was the prime minister of Kenya for crying out loud and he lost… how, why, how comes?

In 2022 he had Uhuru, Kinoti, Matiangi and Kibicho on his side and yet Soros and Kamangu did their thing. Huyu hawezi saidika. Even if he was in charge of IEBC itself he would still lose.

Kama yeye ni master tactician angesema fwak this shit, Uhuru leta 4 billion niende niongee na Chebukati na Koome kama ni mbaya mbaya wacha katambe. Unashindwa kiaje na uko ndani ya sirkal? Angeenda Bomas na gsu na aseme fungeni hio gate, but instead we saw Ruto going to Bomas, wakajifungia na Chebukati. Or you think they were singing kumbaya in that room?

Tell me you are stupid without being arrogant.!!

sisi kama dynasty lazima tunyanyase watu ndio tufaulu
ni wapi kwingine unawezalipa mtu usd$1 per hours na asilalamike?

Ideally… Putting actions to faith… Instead of waiting… Ange finya chepkati makei as he declares him the winner kesi baadaye…

But instead… Ali kua kwa balcony pale karen akimeza whiskey… Waiting for his soldiers nd loyalists to do the dirty works…

Clearly… Bieng hands on like Aror… Does have its benefits…

@patco am glad to see you have finally stopped pretending… just don’t post photos of faeces again this time round.

Marisa hizo jaruo, zinakuwanga na wivu sana

@patco can’t maintain a new handle subtly for long. Just a small provocation and His stinking fumes are all over

Welcome back Patco.

meanwhile… negro amendika hii upus na cheap tecno, pale slum akichana jaba… shugulika na kwako

Na sisi Bantus our “motherland” Congo iko aje:D:D
But iko afadhali despite foreign meddling. No tribalism lakini just jokes on my part.

Ati anangojea power hivi … ati ijilete kwake hapo Serena or wherever this was :


And he assumed that Uhuru will automatically deliver Central without he himself (Raila) getting his own hands dirty. Raila forgot that Uhuru was not on the ballot. To get central lazima umwage pesa and subvert that vote ruthlessly.

Raila claims to have been trained in East Germany by the very best in the game. In East Germany they used to teach subversion and how to dull the blade of the enemy.

Mtu kama Ndindi Nyoro you make him a deal of the century, a deal he can’t refuse. I mean where was Raila when Ruto was stealing all these sharp blades? Unaambia Aisha Jumwa rudi hapa. Irungu Kangata kuja nikuambie, kuja nikushow. Duale my friend, in 2007 we were together.


Umbw*…Kwani yeye sio chipanzee ama hapo is where you draw the line?

Nime watch that video. Waaah. Kenya is a real paradise.

He can’t spend more than 35minutes away from this place. Hajameza tembe zake this week.