This is painful:The things wives go through ni Mungu tuu


Feminists are on the roll… Creating scenarios from thin air. On BB yesterday one was claiming one of the ladies in Jalas crew leakage vid was asking if she can sue the guy who took the vid… yawn.

I learnt earlier on in life what may are yet to learn. Yes, never invite a stranger into your forte! Learn the skills. As for muscle power, use/invent machines! Why do you have a live in maid/houseboy? If you must then install secret surveillance. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger fucked his maid, and who bore a child…pussy is pussy. Do not be lazy enough to invite temptation!

If you need a house-girl, then she needs to be related to your husband so that “incest shouts in his head” if he ever unzips. I personally have no qualms fcuking all women in my house and making all of them happy!

Keep going. You will find what you are looking for. ARVs. I knew a fuck boy many years ago. Met him on the street awhile back, I couldn’t recognize him. HIV is a very bad disease, wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Anopheles mosquitos transmit malaria. How is that related to HIV?

Feminists are HIV negative thank you very much. You Mananzi keep fucking raw, see how long you will be ‘on a roll’.

Menengitis and Tuberculosis and Carposis Sarcoma are things femanazi will never know about but once you dip your stick in the wrong shit, child, these is your life. Acheni kucheza na HIV ati kuna ARV.

Truman, you write well, and you seem real and engaging. I am practical. I invest in knowing and at times I use my own body out of conviction just the way (Prof)Trump does with Hydroxychloroquine/chlroroquine. Trump put his life on the line coz he believes and practices what he preaches! The Wright brothers believed in their plane , and they died in it. Donald is real, and life is real!

I have several ex-gf who died of HIV/AIDs. I used to test them upfront,and then every 3 months! Yes, most of my best buddies died of HIV coz they “acted nice” to please women. Fcuk time is fcuk time, and I put the rules on the table. Emotions aside! I throw out the non-compliant, regardless of my dic erection level! I think 70% of mine is 100% of your best!

All that aside…let me be "the lone alive than be a part of the “happy dead!” Life comes and goes, never compromise with passing clouds, and that is what marriage is! That is what a quick fcuk is! Dating is a term for “can we fcuk? or we are fcuking”. Desist from dating, fcuk n enjoy!

Some people say “malaria” when what they really mean is “fever”

Learn to fit in! And you shall have so much space and happiness! Write a paragraph, coz this is not the 150 character twitter! Please, write…coz we value your input, or I do value inputs!

Thank you for the compliment. You are just lucky. HIV can be undetectable for years. Even Majengo sex workers were somehow spreading the disease but testing negative. The problem is not dying. If it killed you quickly like Corona that would be fine but years and years of being perpetually ill and scared of dying. If you get a cough you wonder if it’s TB. If your tummy hurts the next day all hell can break lose. The fragility that comes with HIV is terrible. You are in constant state of fear. For the rest of your life. Is it really worth that 5 minutes of sexual pleasure I don’t think so.

Fever, chills, joint aches, headaches and feeling won out.

Some wives hire ugly maids to prevent this kind of coup d’tat

This is your day with me, at a personal level, and based on your input! Yes, I visited Majengo and many more brothels. I know a few brothels spread out all over the world. I fcuk a few of them skin to skin. I have done that for 15 years as I work on the vaccine based on my inbuilt engineered immunity! I even know the mobile brothels in a few countries!Yes, Sex is universal and liberal. We empower our women so that they don’t use sex as a bargaining chip. We ask men never to “buy in” out of desperation! I can smell an HIV pussy a mile away!!

I was wondering why you had to test your girlfriends every three months.

“Simiyu22”, I retired. But I came back to save humans from Covid-19! Please read my first 100 posts. Africa, USA, Europe, etc were clueless. I came out rudely, forcefully, and I used all means to save! Read my posts! Read journals… they confirm all you first read on Kenyatalk from my organization!

Yes, I have done more research than any living soul! I am not limited as long I am the guinea pig , just the way Prof Trump did! And my staff believe in what we do, and all of them and their relatives fear no Covid-19, coz they chose to die but ended up saving all!

Men don’t care. Ugly women have more sex than beautiful women bcz men think they’re the easiest to get.

Truman! You write well! I guess you are “practically undisciplined”, that is what they say. You are socially incorrigible! You are barely beautiful. You sparcely educated! Yes I include PhD in the sorely knowledgeable! I am left with " why?"

Lets talk dollars! I will buy your country, and poop on it! I guess that is Kenya!

Naaaaa… this is real. I posted the other day about HIV taking out families back in the day huko ocha yangu. Infected by the mboch.

Only men of the fearsome dry fry mwaga ndani league