This is not ok

Will Smith and his son Jaden

Kobe and daughter kissing

Bird man and Wayne kissing

What wrong with this people?

most of these guys are low key gay …the rumours are true

Watu ghassia hao

Hata afadhali huyo ana kiss dota wake, hao wengine wooooote ni manugu tuu

The same way they look at out traditional circumcision methods, or wife inheritance, or Maasai drinking blood from a live cow… and they say “This is not OK”. You cunt can’t judge other cultures based on your own. We have our shyte, they got theirs. Afrikan nakers just want to feel superior, somehow.

These are Africans that deserted their culture when they went abroad to work as slaves.

I told motherfuckers here that kissing ones teenage daughter on lips is bullshit karibu nitumwe siberia being called a pervert.a stupid foolish monkey called @Mlinda lango almost skinned me alife

Huyu kijana ana matusi kupindukia. Nani huwa amebeba kiboko humu kijijini?