This Is Not A Hekaya. Go Away. I Don't have pictures or a story for perverts.

There is a woman where I work, she is in her mid forties going by her looks. She always says Hi to me in the morning. This woman is my boss and she likes me. She told me I am one of the most dutiful and honest worker she manages (Translation: I kiss her ass a lot and she likes it). All in all she is a nice person who I look up to. I furked her niece last week for the fourth time.

The girl started working here four months ago. She is a chatterbox and bossy. She is okay and smart as furk. She runs circles around me and enjoys it. I don’t even think she sees me as human, probably thinks I am a jokes dispenser with a dick. I hate meeting people who are smarter than me, but I like getting laid so I am going to let this go for as long as it last. She will eventually move to her next interest once she gets bored and I will go back to chasing sane women. This is the sweetest deal in my life… This could go horribly wrong.

ION, Purr_27 my former love whom I dumped yesternight.

After sleeping on it, my former love, I’ve woken up to the fact that I can not live without you. I’ve accepted that forgetting you is a dance I will never attain grace in no matter how hard I practice. I want to fight this feeling, but my heart still holds on to the love we once had and as such whatever victory I get will be Pyrrhic. Therefore my love, I ask you for the sake of the love that you and I once held in comfort, two people entangled like vines cruelly severed by the claws of the vile beast , Fossil. For that my former dear, I beseech you to throw yourself in-front of a moving bus and save me this anguish.Save me from myself if you truly do love me as you said all those nights when I moved in you, both in bodyand soul.


Sad that on a productive morning this is all you can come up with


Exactly that, a productive morning. You can flesh it out if you have the time, though. No copyright infringment… DCMA shit here.


kubaff amka ulale tena

Ha ha ha! Umelipwa mshahara ama bado unaokota mabakshishi kwa trash?

Any unverifiable story still remains a hekaya to talkers. More so such a long tale.

How is your morning, Maathais? I can not verify whether you are a robot or not therefore I chose to see you as a hekaya.

:smiley: i like it

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I have woken up in a nice cheerful mood, the sun is up and shining brightly where I am. Nothing can ferk up my mood today.


(Translation: I kiss her ass a lot and she likes it).
Fuck U, I hate ed niggars who just Kiss Ass, so that there names can be written o n the wall too high
U could be another version of a male Biacth

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Oh! I knew you would , you…

I hope you stay happy too.

I am not. I like her because she is brilliant in most things she does otherwise, she wouldn’t be my boss in the first place. I am not a lickspittle just fascinated by her and what she has to teach. Furthermore, in my field promotions do not come in the conventional way… you can kiss ass however much you want, but at the end it’s PoP.

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:D:D that should not bother you

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well-rendered, @Algernon.
however, are you playing the jealousy card?

Now am beginning to respect u, if positive give credit, copy the good things then… never Kiss ass, just keep licking Miaauss and spunk the ass

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wewe ni mkamba?

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:D:D:D:D:D:D:DTiga wana

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You… awesome person… come on!

How? This girl doesn’t even pretend that what we have is anything beyond just plain fucking. I don’t even want a meaningful relationship with her, just that she stops staring right through me. It furks me up. If this is what you get when you send daughters to study in America I will sell my kidney and eye to get mine there.


Thank-you and he he he he!