This Is My Constituency. Toa Pesa Uende

Mavi ya kuku politics.

Globally, in politics you leave your dignity at home every morning

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On the left is Billy Indeche, Son in-law to Charity Ngilu. On the right is Denis Apaa, husband to cecily mbarire. Both were in court back in 2011 charged with fraud amounting to 50million Ksh. Charity Ngilu & Mbarire are both running for Gubernatorial seat(s). Kenyan politics ni aibu. In the west non of the two would hve been allowed to vie for any elective post but in Kenya mambo ni sawa sawa.


Wee jakoyo tiga upïi,cecily n Lenny ni aguruki wawili na hakuna umeffi yako tutambua Pia.
Usitaje embu tena

Hawapati kura hapa,