This is Mama Nyaguthie when her husband hasn’t been picking my calls

Aki Kenyan women nani alituroga?


Wah the desperation. @Purple kuja ujionee hii maneno hata kama hautacomment.

I could have captioned it, nilikuleta America ndio wanawake wengine wapate mjuls? Walete their own mjuls, this one ni yangu na nisinuse kuma ya mtu mwingine. LOL. Lakini punda wives hutoa hii nguvu yote wapi? I have my 5 yo nephew for a day and I am so tired running after him not to break things. You have like 3 kids and you still have energy to micromanage your husband. Super human energy.

Wueh speak for yourseluf. :smiley:

mwambie apambane na hali yake

The only problem I have saa hii ni hii njeve. Sio kuinspect genitalia ziko chini ya vitambi.

Wewe kwanza utaolewa na watu wa rugby, too much drinking and womanising, anakuacha ukinyonyesha with your cracked nipples and torn up punane, anaenda Naivasha,
your nose will be ever under his kitambi.:D:D:D

Fixed :D:D

This happens alot. Utapata Bibi akinusia boxer which has been worn the whole day. :meffi::meffi:

Auwiih ! Tema Io matteh !
Na si we agreed you were to go visit your beach boys in Malindi wewe ? You need to hit the reset button.

@administrator is it order to abuse moderator rights to change posts?

@Purple I thought I was a cat lady, you can’t take a joke? These your husbands are public utilities. It’s like going to smell a city council toilet.

Sitaki your very unfunny jokes, you don’t have to respect Purple but can you respect the institution of marriage? It’s holy. You’re cheapening a sacred thing, sex is very sacred. You’re a woman for goodness sakes I would expect this behavior from a man. Abomination.

Put my photo smelling a cat’s behind. I think she was bending to pick something then s1 caught the moment. There was a, lady I used to work with whose husband would always inspect her genitals when she came from work. With a torch. If she was too fresh it was also a problem coz it showed that she showered. Yes she was cheating but deviced ways around it like bathing without soap, some things that happen between couples are stranger than fiction. Can you imagine someone inspecting your pussy with a torch. This possession in marriage is insane.

This title though…
Who is Mama Nyaguthie and why does she behave like this when her husband hasn’t been picking someone else’s calls ?
Mama Nyaguthie should be thanking her God instead.

@TrumanCapote utaingia Siberia one of these fine days ukiendelea hivi.

You just made that up.


@TrumanCapote really gets under your skin. Mpaka ume-edit title? :D:D:D:D. You just can’t resist. :D:D

Unprecedented! Which means she could be wrong but there is some truth in it. Hapa kuna kaukweli! :D:D


Tuma yeye Siberia paple!.. Finish her!

Go the whole 9 yards!

Your persistence Ms. Truman is one of a kind.


Whatever those rugby players did to you at Thompson falls In the back of that Toyota Fielder must have been really traumatizing.

I don’t like attention, maybe you do. Once I saw @mugwanjira had written in screaming letters: “Dr Purple earns $300k usd” bla bla bla. Jeez! I was mortified.

There’s no truth to me sniffing a grown man’s genitalia. It’s crude, only bonobos do that .

Truman loves mocking married women because being single really bothers her. lol

I don’t go on road trips na watu hawana akili my fren. Those were my classmates going for an educational tour where we visited a water treatment plant and a politically historical water fall. Have you ever gone on an educational trip with your associates ama ni trips za umalaya tuu? Mambo ya kwenda Naivasha kukunywa pombe ni kama hakuna pombe Nairobi is a sign of retardation. Driving to Machakos and those safari sevens trips ni za watu walishindwa na masomo. Have you ever seen anyone who has a PhD going to kill his brain cells in a crowded place in another town? I know hujui kukunywa pombe kills brain cells and that brain cells are the only irreplaceable cells in the human body. Unaona ubaya ya ku waste fees ya mzazi. Kaa chini usome kijana acha na mambo ya alcohol fueled orgies out of town then unakufa kwa accidents Ukipewa fellatio when you are driving.

I don’t associate with caliber of rugby people. Staki blonde Ness by association, ujinga ni contagious pia. My friends ni wasomi na madaktari na ma professor, na watu wako na ma PhD. Life is very short to waste with brain drainer.