This is Kenya's next President. Deep state is fronting and comfotable with him

Steady hand, “softly” firm on corruption and personable. Even Rao and Ulliam are comfortable playing second fiddle to him


Deep state is comfortable with this man as his running mate. Others in the deep state want a female running mate. Talks are stalled on which one.
Three names that have come up are: Monica Juma, Amina Mohammed and Gladys Wanga. Margaret Kobia ruled out for regional balance


This Mudavadi of central, chance

There is no way a person who embarazzed us in 2012 by announcing that we have discovered “Oiro” will ever be president.

I’m following Muturi keenly

Justin Muturi is not going anywhere

The most confused fake Deep State in the history of fake Deep States.

Mara Raila will be president
Mara G. Moi will be president
Mara Muturi will be fronted
Mara Mudavadi will be a comprise
Mara Uhuru will extend his term.

The fake deep state can’t even win by elections.

Also, the so called fake deep state has zero powers over the mere High Court Judges.

I feel pity for anyone who relies on this so called deep state to become president. He will get the shock of his life.

Thought he died of corona,ama alisurvive? Asking for watu wa kuchoma nyama

You did half your homework. All those names you mentioned ARE deep state. Alll candidates including hustler ARE the deep state.
The high court judges ARE the deep state.
You just don’t understand the game completely

Huyu ndio nani?

What are you even trying to say? There is nothing like deep state. Only a bunch of crooks who by being proximate to powers of the day, think they can influence everything, including weather. We only have one president, and he is going home, a very bitter man.

kojoa ulale

Atleast he won’t “rape” us all coz we (foolish Kenyans ) are " orrendeh too wirring "

Vi vi janaaa tuwache mihadarati

ama tupatie Sultan?