This Is Kenya: How Much Do You Think Is The Tender?


Munyaka police post in Cherangany’ funded by the CDF.

Mwafrika ni nugu sana :rolleyes:

Utapata more than 1m imeenda hapo

One criminal, one such police post. Jeez

No one will attack him because he is against Ruto

Walisema 25 million

Has it been officially opened ?

That is freaking toilet… wtf:mad:

It doesnt make ecomonic sense. It more expensive to build such. He ought to be sued


Two male cleaners contracted to clean the Milimani Law Courts have been arrested for stealing a TV set from the court corridors.
Andrew Orina and David Nyabuto were captured on CCTV footage dismantling the 55-inch TV set from the wall and carrying it.
Details have emerged that one of the cleaners is also under investigation for stealing a phone from a Magistrate.

KSh 100 million imekunywa maji!
The Paai bridge, officially launched by Governor Joseph Ole Lenku close to a week ago, collapsed on Wednesday, February 23, following heavy rains.

During its launch, the county boss had said the KSh 100 million project would facilitate movement for locals.

Kajiado: KSh 100 million bridge collapses days after launch by Governor Lenku

Governor Joseph Lenku is now blaming God for the collapse of the Paai bridge on Thursday after a heavy downfall in the central parts of Kajiado.


"Paai bridge is just that one project that transcends regional boundaries to transform the livelihoods of communities. Today, the new bridge opens up the horticultural belt of Kajiado East, Central, and South and connects both the farming and pastoralist communities in the area.
“That’s not all; Travellers would terminate their journeys for several days until the waters subsided in the river. It will make the trade of their agricultural produce easier,” said Lenk during the launch on Thursday, February 17.

“This is an act of God, but we will not leave anything to chance. We will do more reinforcement on this bridge,” he said in a statement read by county minister, Alex Kilowua.


The bridge, whose work started in May 2021, came down after the central parts of the county experienced a heavy downpour on Wednesday night.

But Lenku said that the bridge only “tilted” on the “central pier”.

“Those who were saying the bridge has been swept away are the same people who were against its construction,” he said on Thursday evening.

He insisted that what caused the collapse of the bridge is the floodwater that weakened its central pier making it fall on one side.

“This happened because of the loose soil that was exacerbated by the rising waters caused by the heavy downfall,” he added.

Lenku said the Sh100 million used in the construction of the bridge is not lost because the constructor was still on the ground, doing final touches when the bridge collapsed.

“He will start the work on Monday as agreed without any further spending by the county government,” Lenku said.

Former Kajiado Governor David ole Nkedianye

Former governor David Nkedianye on Friday called on EACC to investigate the sum of money spent on the collapsed bridge.

“It is sheer incompetence and corruption. No oversight, both from the Senate and the County,” said Nkedianye.

He claimed the collapse of the bridge is symbolic of a rumbling regime as it exits power.

Edited by Mercy Asamba