This is just Stupid............

Over this holiday season nimekuwa nawatch a lot of Kikuyu TV (there are about 10 channels).

What has struck me is the sheer number of firms selling all manner of burotis in all manner of places.

I think Kikuyu’s obsession with land is unhealthy. Otherwise how do you explain people being sold eighths and quarters in remote places for 350,000/= and above? Land is supposed to be factor of production, so what are you gonna do with an eighth near Longonot, a dry area, or Laikipia surely?

Mbona people like being conned like this? Sio Sportpesa, Lotto, quails, pyramid schemes, Kanyari’s and Dad’s 310, miti ni dawa, etc etc?

Ujinga kweli ni kipawa…


am starting to think that uthamaki brotherhood thing.that shiny eyes have isn’t so good anymore kama niku-conniana tu

It’s all culture, i remember back in the day when i had started making money after years of struggle. My collegue whom we were both on the up would splash his cash on enjoying life like taking sausages, bacon every morning and good food the rest of the day delivered to the office. New furniture, electronics and a German car. I bought a plot because i was the last one in the family to do so. It was those sides of Isinya were i would never thought to settle but it was cheap and near a newly upgraded road. We we are still doing ok both of us only that i have several plots which have grown in value. This year i want to sell them, get a plot somewhere closer and build my dream home. Lakini i agree with you that for 350000 that is very high for a remote place.


This is the nth time you’re talking about the folly of investing in mburotis. Kama hauna yako in a “far remote area” acquired two yrs ago huwes elewa hii maneno. Wacha sisi tufiche pesa yetu huko.


Not worth it. Izo pesa ungefanya nazo biashara ungenunua plot kileleshwa saa hii. You are yet to sell your plots and still “somewhere closer” is still a dream.


at least hatuikojoi pesa yetu kama byproduct ya ginis…kuna vile hiyo 350 ikilalala tu equity you end up going for 10, 20, 17…the next thing you know huna 350 na huna mblot…

@Theuri wa kigogoine kuna wakati other commitments haziruhusu mtu kufanya fiashara…


I advised my little sister against it, she had joined ekeza Sacco or something like that. How can someone buy a plot for 350k at mananja, 20 kilometres interior away from Sagana- Kenol road?


This lie about land appreciation is just that - a lie. Kama uko na mita moja ebu nunua government bonds at 12% pa uone how much you will have in 10 years - and remember interest ni compound. In the first year alone your one million will be worth 1.12million. The next year it will be 1.254 million. That’s capital appreciation of 25% in just two years - and you can get your money instantly if you want it!



Gashwin told us what he actually did with his excessive cash, and you are only telling us what you could do. That is a huge difference and I doubt that you are in an activity where excess funds are being generated daily. I.e. wewe si OCS…


You can never go wrong with a mbloti


I dont buy plots below 1 mil or in areas where the immediate neighbours hawajajenga. My rationale of owning a plot is the possession of land that can be put into IMMEDIATE use. I dont believe in this appreciation crap because when you factor in inflation+time value of money+broker fees+illiquidity of land, any monetary gain is significantly reduced. Personally, kama penye nauziwa siwezi jenga nyumba kesho (since I am not a farmer), I view it as a bad investment. I believe that the biggest gains in land are achieved from it’s use, not its sale. You rear chicken in that buroti near Nai (for the farmers), and you get a good gain without selling it. You set up a warehouse and broker cereals, you hire it out kama carwash etc etc.


^^^mbirrionea tings. “I don’t buy plots below 1 mil…”


Mimi ni sufferer my friend…it is just that most plots that fit that description i.e zenye neighbours wamejenga already, go for over 1 million. If I got cheaper ones but zenye ziko places watu wamejenga (kitu naweza tumia kuanzia kesho, not waiting), I would be a very happy man.

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20km… Whoa! …that’s like from kasarani to tao, n that’s unaingia interior

I have seen a plot near a creek in coasto going for 700k… Its on my mind like pussy on uwesmake’s


Unapatanga raia inauziwa plot Juja farm 350k…hiyo plot neighbor ako 1 kilometer away i.e the nearest house…halafu inadanganywa kutajengwa bypass sijui wapi…in most investments, seeing is believing…kama hizo barabara hazijajengwa, dont believe any shit from brokers…they lie 80% of the time


Your profile picture is gay.

If you can afford now , it’s wise to buy . Apana sikiza hawa watu …In French they say ’ Tiiri ndufuthaga’ GUKA wacha vijana wanunue mchanga , sio kujigamba hapa vile wanakunywa fobe na kutombana !


Personally, I think there are different investment types to satisfy different investment and risk appetites for people.

People usually think that the risk friendly people should go to stocks and the ones averse to risk should get into real estate but I think otherwise. This is because risk prone people tend to be speculators and their strategy is usually make a lot of money in the shortest time possible while people who are prone to saving are usually very calculative and their main goal is to avoid loss which leads to more solid investment decisions.

People like land because it is the least tempting savings option. With stocks and other capital markets it is very easy to liquidate value into cash hence there are a lot of temptations when you are in a bad financial situation or get tempted to purchase stuff like a nice car, or if you drank all your money and don’t have fees etc. For example if I saw a Benz going for 2.5m liquidate my stocks or forex worth the same amount in a few minutes and have the money wired to my account after a settlement period of 3 days. If I have land worth the same amount I can’t liquidate it until maybe a few months or sometimes years. So if I still want to go ahead and splurge I have to take up a loan which will make me think twice.

In most cases, due the the difficulty in disposing land most people stick to the plots for a very long time while people in capital markets get so tempted and most usually have very little to show for it in like 5yrs due to the temptation to sell and then get in at a lower value that never suffices.


Ata mimi ploti mwitu nilichorea,Konza nilichezwa nikanunua mbuloti nikama zinaisha na mpaka sasa ni kichaka tu.