This is Just my Opinion

Carefully observing the current leaders that we have both in the opposition and in the government you get to realize that there will be little competition for President come the 2017 general elections.

In the government:

The TNA Marshalls are fanatically loyal to their commander eliminating any signs of a potential Judas Iscariot come 2017. This loyalty is comparable to that of Kogalo fanatics to their team. Here, all are for the president and none for the opposition.

Most of them have great influence hence there support from the public is a projection of the Presidents’. Since all of them bow and dance to one tune then this is the kind of loyalty the big man in State House needs to maintain that 5-star military gear.

On the other side of the bread “URP”, there seem to be some “madoa madoa” with some of the Marshalls claiming to be open minded and choose to bend their loyalty just a little bit for the “interests” of that common mwananchi better known as “Pesa Mashimoni”. This is just but a blinking rebellion, something which Mr. Deputy President can handle from his own backyard. Although it slightly affects the chances of Mr. President maintaining his status quo, the DP support who commands a great influence in the rift is an assurance that there is less to worry about.

So far you can see that from the government end there are very little signs of a wondering lot that are still “soul-searching” for a good ticket come 2017. In fact with a closer observation, there seem to be a lot of “hungry” politicians with great appetite for a calling in to the Jubilee camp “mullah”. Hence as time elapse, more and more converts are crossing over to Jubilee for a piece of “bread” and the promise will soon be fulfilled come 2017.

In the Opposition

The opposition Canoe seems to be shaken so much by the heavy storm blowing its way. There is restless among its members with some losing both trust and hope in their principles whom seem to always attract failure when it comes to this race called politics.

The ODM Marshalls are equally fanatically loyal to their “Baba” and they rather loose than betray Baba. No one can dispute the loyalty that Baba enjoys from his Marshalls. But despite this loyalty and support, the infighting among the members is harboring potential Judas Iscariots’. Already some doubting Thomas’s have openly differ with the party leadership exposing the fact that some members are not Marshalls to take orders that seem to infringe their personal ambitions.

This indicate that staunch loyalty to Baba and the party is not really there as some members seem to be eyeing the greener pasture on the other side of the political divide. Going by these wrangles, I can comfortably say that Baba is not that assured of a loyal support from some of his party members. Hence, as these wrangles proceed, chances of Baba putting up a strong challenge against the President are becoming minimal day by day.

In the Wiper party, there are no Marshalls but there are just members whose loyalty is tradable come a good deal that will see them form part of the government.

The wiper leader has no much say over ambitious members who are just but joy-riders. Despite having the best manifesto, the former VP’s backyard and nationwide support is insufficient to qualify as a threat to the President’s reelection should the former VP choose to go for the top job. If he is to endorse Baba, he will boost Baba’s votes by a few thousands but still their combined effort won’t hold that much water to keep the President’s camp on toes.

The other CORD partner is Ford Kenya party piloted by another CORD principal, Mr. Senator. Going by the party’s history after the transformation from Ford People, loyalty has never been something of any seriousness to the party members. Like there Wiper counterparts, theirs is just to be in the honor category with less interest in aiming the top job.

Less is said about the party influence as the party suffers from lack of ambitions, agenda and muscle to take on the big boys in the hood. As a result, the party specifically brings less gain in Baba’s camp. Nothing much can be said about its leader as he attracts very few support from his own backyard.

Despite this, much can be said about Kakamega’s Senator, a member of the party. Mr. Kimunya-must-go enjoys a good influence in Western making him a good asset for Baba similar to the defecting learned man of Budalangi. The two comfortably qualify as Marshalls in Baba’s camp. With some good influence in their pockets both in their backyard and nationwide, the two are a booster to Baba’s 2017 bid for a 5-star military gear. Even with the assurance of their support, Baba still doesn’t hold enough capacity to defeat the big man in State House come 2017.

UDF party leader is another man who might in a small proportion pollute the votes for Baba but not for the President. Should he choose to go for the top job, the President’s camp will have little to worry about as he doesn’t command that much influence. Less can be said about his party members since no one even seem to pay any attention to them.

The rest of potential contenders in the 2017 race to State House are just but a by the way that the president’s camp won’t waste any energy in brushing them off.
In conclusion: The President seems to be garnering an increasing number of new and staunch support from most parts of the nation (much larger than 2013) with his charisma and increasing development beating the former PM from his own game.

On the other hand, the opposition leader seems to be losing his grasp in his key regions like Western with some leaders of these areas becoming tired of the opposition leader large talks and little actions. His race is nothing far from last kicks of a dying horse unless he has a magical master plan to maneuver his way to State House.

All in all, Kenyans are keenly observing how the cards are being played and whoever gets to convince us that he holds the winning card to propel Kenya to a prosperous Nation will take the job. As for now I can say, Mr.UK has the upper hand.
(This is just my opinion)

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Weka Audio Tafadhali

I am curious whether Kalonzo especially will still be in CORD till the ballot. These last 5 years have been different for him not being in government.

Anyway, for now, I think Raila also knows he can’t win the election unless by a miracle. His play I think is to force the next government into a coalition leadership by refuting the results of the next election and instigating some tension after the election

Should he do that, he will have brought his long career in politics to a disappointing end, much like Maurinho’s career in Chelsea. I prefer he retires to mentor the young, ambitious and promising leaders in his party. His likes are already adapting to life away from politics, squandering what they reaped off during there reigns.

The man can’t put a fight, the bones are becoming weaker to handle this hyperactive generation of young politicians. It will certainly be a shame if we as Kenyans allow to be thrown back to them days of pangas, screams, deaths and displacement just because one man is obsessed with loosing.

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