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[SIZE=6]You Can Now Use Your Mobile Number as Your Postal Address… Here’s How[/SIZE]
By Ken / Friday, 15 Jul 2016 06:47AM / / Tags: Posta Kenya you know that you can now use your mobile number as your postal address?

In this day and age, owning a PO box is not on the list of many people’s priorities. Letters are almost non-existent in all sectors. Messages that initially required physical letters are now sent via email, or simply a phone call.

That said, a postal address is still important in some ways. For instance, people who deal with delivery of packages especially from outside the country, may find them very important. A postal address comes handy when importing stuff from the likes of Amazon and Ebay.

Posta Kenya has now simplified the process of getting your own address. They have introduced virtual a address system, and all you need is your mobile phone number and the postal code of your nearest Posta branch.

Referred to as MPOST, this is probably one of the most brilliant move taken by the corporation which was the hardest hit by the advent of the mobile phone and the internet. They were accused for many years of failing to innovate, and it seems they are now waking up.

At only Sh300 a year, Mpost costs about 10% of the normal box.

A normal PO Box is in this format: PO Box 80034 – 00100.

The new mobile phone format is quite similar: 0725000xxx – 00100.

The first 10 numbers are your phone number, while the other number is the branch code, in the above case GPO.

This is how to register for an Mpost address.

[li]Step 1: Send the word Mpost to 40777. This will connect you to the Posta mobile phone registration system.[/li][li]Step 2: Follow the prompts and fill in your name, ID number, and your current region of service (from among Nairobi, Mombasa and upcountry).[/li][li]Step 3: Agree to Posta’s terms of service.[/li][li]Step 4: Complete the mobile phone registration process by sending 300 Kenyan shillings to Paybill number 506500 using the account number 07xxxxxxxx-Postal code. For example if your phone number is 0722123456 and you want to collect your mails and packages in Murang’a town’s Posta, your address will be0722123456-10200[/li][/ul]
The good thing about this system is that you can change your address any time permanently or temporarily. No paper work, just use the same sms shortcode.

Also, you will no longer need to keep checking if you have new mail or parcel. Posta will notify you via SMS whenever that happens.

Whether it’s that Jumia package or a gift from your cousin in the UK, delivery got quite easy.

As we condemn other government corporations for corruption and inefficiencies, I think Posta is waking up and should be lauded for that. Just recently, they got into the matatu business in a bid to increase their parcel delivery capabilities.


Good stuff.

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Kali sana…

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I can wank to this…

hope this becoes the african dhl


Finally they are being innovative!

Nice progress there but let’s not forget these are the same guys who will be handling your package…So we are not sure if they will be professional enough to not unpack your stuff and steal


Finally someone is thinking

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Our experiences with this system are very good, no complaints or problems so far and nothing went “lost”

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More details please

As said our experiences are positive throughout. Our students are spread all over Kenya and have to send their orginal receipts/documents once per month to a TTP in Nairobi. So far - and we are using this kind of service since some time - nothing went lost - on contrary to our experiences with normal postal service (even with postal items for the German Embassy or Kenyan authorities).

If I remember right, there are also private deliverers who work with same/similar system.

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Hey what exactly do you do?

If they market it properly and offer an efficient service it can catch on. But if it follows the same lethargy found in government corporations then maybe it won’t make any difference.