This is How to Be Rich

The only way to be rich in this world is to accumulate the labor and effort of others while giving away as little as possible. America became rich by stealing free labor, Britain the same. Usidanganywe na mtu. Ukitaka kuomoka, you have to use people and push as much labor out of them as possible within legally acceptable limits.

So if Kenya wants to be rich we should use cheap skinny labour from Somali?

If you want to know how rich a person is, muulize how many employees he has. It is a fairly accurate rule of thumb. The more people you employ, the richer you are likely to be. Ndio maana mhindi with his army of 500+ workers pale Industrial Area ama Thika anaendesha Range Rover Autobiography. You MUST leverage other people’s sweat.

KJ2 1Tim 6:9:
“9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which plunge men into destruction and perdition.”

Salesforce/Berkshire Hathaway have an average salary of £71,000.
There are so many avenues to wealth, that you can’t define it so singularly.

Lmao 100,000 usd a year in the US ukiwa na family ni pesa kidogo sana…
Kama ni UK toa nusu upatie taxman ubaki na 35, 000 pounds.



So some of us who have one employee (nanny) whue! Hehehe but agree with the analogy

It is a generalization and doesn’t apply all the time, so relax. You might be a highly skilled employee. Jeff Koinange makes good chumz and he is an employee.

Thomas Edison never invented shit. He shafted everyone else who did and took it for himself

Very true. Its either you exploit your customers or exploit your employees. Hakuna namna nyengine.