This is How Stupid Leaders Think We are

Your life is worth just 1000 to them. Yani bora umzalie kura hajali. Fek this nations is going to the dogs
[SIZE=7]Mbeere North MP Charles Muriuki to Give Ksh2000 for New Borns to Save Constituency[/SIZE]
[li]By DENIS MWANGI on November 6, 2018 - 9:31 am[/li]DRASTIC MEASURES
Mbeere North MP Muriuki Njagagua with National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi DAILY NATION

[li]Mbeere North MP Charles Muriuki Njagagua has promised a reward of Ksh2000 to every woman who gives birth in his constituency.[/li]His generosity was triggered by fears that the constituency could be scrapped off because it doesn’t meet the thresh hold of 133,000 people.
“I could even chip in and give cash awards of Ksh1,000 or Ksh2,000 so that we increase. God said we multiply. Also, ensure that you are enumerated and make extra efforts in what I have told you,” announced the legislator.

[li]The 2009 census showed that the constituency had a population of 89,035, the lowest in Embu County.[/li]To avoid being scrapped off, they need to have an additional 43,965 people by next year’s census.
He was supported by Senate Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki, who vowed to block any move to scrap the constituency.

“I will fight tooth and nail to save Mbeere North constituency. Even if 100 constituencies are to be scrapped, this one must be spared,” commented Kindiki.
Mbeere North is among the 27 constituencies earmarked for scrapping because their populations fall below the set quota.
The Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is expected to conduct a nationwide census in 2019.
Afterwards, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission will realign the borders of Kenya’s constituencies before 2021

Senate Deputy Speaker Kithure KindikiMbeere North MP Muriuki Njagagua


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Ifikie MP Charles Muriu ki.
One way of rapidly increasing the population of an area is by making it easy for young people to move into the area to live and work there. Nairobi makes life easy for young people and that’s why they’re all coming here.
He’s trying shortcuts and it will not work