This is how seriously wives take cheating

LOL. Maphiphi na mapwana tu Heshimu ndoa.


Hello Iam a married woman but married to two men.Iko hivi;I have a hubby whom we have 2 kids,been married to him legally for 7 years.Ilifika mahali marriage ikawa booring hubby akani cheat mpaka akapea dem boll.Nikasema nita revenge lazima.In our neighbourhood,a neighbour moved in with his family early last year.Huwa ni own compound,so ako next compound.We fell in love after 3 months ya hao kuhamia hapa.We live in a town out of Nrb I and my hubby,then the family ya huyu neiba pia iko hapa.The man,alipata transfer to Nairobi,so akawacha family yake hapa next to where we live.We continued dating and it got serious that he wanted me to quit my marriage anioe kama 2nd.I refused nkasema Iam first penye niko,siwezi toka nikue second.After months of kuvurutana,we striked an agreement that anioe but nibaki na bwanangu na abaki na bibi yake na wasijue.So our arrangent goes like this,mimi I stay with my hubby but my work involves alot of travelling.Hubby ni ofisi,home.On the other hand,the 2 nd guy works in Nrb na his family is here in this town,his wife ni house wife,biashara tuu.So,huwa nasema sometimes am going for “work trips” but naenda Nrb nakaa na second man for ata 3 straight weeks.He has rented a house in Nrb where I go to.His wife hajawahi kanyaga huko.
When in Nrb,we are known as “hubby n wife” ata ppl know hivyo.When in the other town,kila mtu anaingia kwake na ni kama hata hatujuani.We dont even great each other.We both work with the govt. The arrangement is working so far soo good and we are happy.His 2 sisters know me n call me inlaw.2 of my siblings know him too.Hivyo ndio tunaishi.Nikona bwana wawili yeye akona bibi wawili but mimi na yeye tu ndio tunajua.I appear in his work functions in Nrb as his wife na wife hajui,hubby hajui.VERY TRUE STORY

Siku huyo mzee atadedi, hivi ndio story itakua


The woman is clearly fucked up in the head…why would she complicate her life that much…kwani hajipendi…angalia vile anaangaika yet the huby is living a very stress free life

:DIs this for real?l dont blame the woman. Jamaa ndo ako na kasoro.

:D:D:D James is the quintessential working class baruyia from the 70s

Did she tell you that she was stressed? She just taken cheating to the next level. You think it is only men who find cheating exhilarating?

That kind of cheating is a lot of work…is it even worth it?..does it mean that for a woman to successfully cheat she has to jump through a series of hoops and loops? Why go through all that when she could simply get a divorce and live happily ever after with her side dude?

Bottom shemale, nobody is competing on how to cheat better. You’re a witch if you have to get shagged by the whole village to make your cheating husband feel bad, rather than enjoying that juols down your throat. If you can’t stand the fact that He cheated walk away.

She is called inlaw by his sisters and two of her siblings know YET she insists it is only him and her that know the arrangement? Confused woman

Aiiiiiiii stop picking on the woman. She started cheating when her hubby impregnated someone else. Everyone here is guilty other than the poor housewife.
The way they have become careless…the housewife atakuja kujua and with plenty of evidence from many sources…

Am actually siding with her…I wish she could find an easier way to hit back at the dude because whatever she’s going through in the name of " revenge" is so exhausting and draining…you have any suggestion?

This is definition of delusional. That arrangement is clearly fucked up to the core, you are just insisting on sugar coating it because it suits your agenda. We know fucked up when we see it. Then again, if this aint one of the typical online clout chasing, she will suffer the biggest loss.

I saw @Hot lanyee advocating for this method the other day. She has my respect. @Hot lanyee yo kinembe unanipakulia when??

Jitume mblo…ukingoja uletewe hutapata

This is clearly a made up story. What are the chances that both the woman and the man are that stupid to go that whole distance? This is a scenario that played out in the head of a bored housewife. She then thought it would be a good idea to make it a reality by posting it online.

The more the hurdles the more exciting. You are a man, you know the lengths men go to, to cheat. It’s fun trips to Nairobi and all the gratification of getting away with it and people in Nairobi even calling them husband and wife.

Personally I don’t condone cheating, if I cheat I’m on the way out of the relationship. I am not those duplicitous people who can maintain a relationship with a man I no longer respect. I’d rather be single. Probably why am single too coz I don’t entertain nonsense and I don’t want to have to work like a mule to maintain a relationship and side dishes. You gimme a hard time I just leave you and block you everywhere. But then that is only great when you don’t have kids. When you have kids you are connected to a man for life, if you divorced him, you may hurt your kids and reduce their financial stability too. Women make alot of sacrifices for their kids.

Haha mzee kaa paaaaaaallllleeeeeee…>>>>>>>>>>> Endelea kumumunya mali ya 150/- pole pole

Lakini sioni mahali amesema she is exhausted or am I missing something??:(. They are all adults…and these things can happen. The person I pity is the innocent housewife who is in the dark…although Karma being the bitch he/she is…info itamkuta tu kwake. She will be so depressed after knowing that her inlaws are in on it.
Let’s just call this cheating couple foolish, extremely foolish for leaving the skid marks everywhere…

Hii ni mara ya 20 unaniita mzee, chances are you are even older than me. Umewahi niona nikishangilia umalaya kweli?

Marriages all over issa scam. Hii mchezo nimeona huku na Walami pia. Lodges & hotel rooms here too like in Nairobi during lunch hours is always busy. Bibi na bwana za watu. Jioni mnakutania kwa nyumba like nothing happened.