This is Guka - What Do You Say About This?

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Here’s an interesting piece I have watched/read on the BBC website (yeah yeah, yeah, I still visit the Kaburu’s site).

My only concern is, kwani they picked the fugliest, dimmest, worst-skin gals in Nairobi who want to be ‘socialites’ to feature?

Wale tukiwa shule tulikuwa tunaita ‘nyangs’.

There are other issues I could raise with all BBC coverage, but just watch/read and enjoy.

Wanakuja mbio,wamefika Langáta,toroka mzee…

Guka…hii tuliona battalion…

Kuna thread juu ya hii story hapo chini.

Woooooooooooooooooooi, Ngai! Poleni sana sana.

Wapi lakini?

Tuliona kabla umee mvi kwa futhi na kabla Mwilu apanulie Amos Wake.

I hope hii si kazi ya Larry Madondo pale BBC > Marketing Kungurus and all - General - Kenya Talk

beautiful. thanks.

I watched that broadcast, na nilifurahi saaana kuona my latest internet crush…Julia/Julie Gaitho wa Over Twenty Five

Weka dentures kwa mfuko na utoke mbio.Wanakuja.

Apology withdrawn. The link I have posted here is about a more comprehensive feature. What the other talker posted is just about 15 per cent of the total!

They’re fearfully made, that\s for sure :D:D:D

Nyang. Kwani ulikuwa shule lini? Guka kumbe we are agemates na vile huwa unajichocha hapa?

Lakini kuweka haggard jaded wornout pussy peddlers haiezi surprise. bbc ni typical western media. They have a narative to sling around. Wako hivo tu, we cannot blame shit for stinking.

Wacha zako savage. Hii ni slang ya 1960s bana. Same as ‘floating’ and ‘lifting’…:D:D:D:D:D:D

Funny thing is I watched one of their videos and concluded she is probably the only datable chiq amongst the lot though I believe the rest are married. She just doesn’t have that pretentious bubble of attitude the rest carry around them.

I can’t relate to slay queen manenos and sponsors.:smiley: Guka bana I’m old ( though sijalemewa na hii mambo kama wewe )

Hook me up when they do a feature about fuckboys and ben10’s hao wanasumbua sisi sana…luckily the foreigners (read Nigerians) are being deported so goodbye to bad english and ‘loaning’ cash.

I disagree. After watching their content, I like their chemistry.

On the dating front Ivy has twins/husband so yuko fullly occipied.
Shikkie/Shiku: I don’t fancy small bodied women. They look so brittle wanaweza vunjika saa yoyote.

Lorna: meh
Jules: baaaangaaable !!

He he he he! Sawa! Lakini usiseme haujalemewa. Women can just lie there and fake it? We men have to get it up, hard, and push it in and out, again and again and again without going soft.

Don’t compare liver and maize-cobs…

Fuck you nigga…if you ain got content don steal …add mentions and say you have added shit this ain even an
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