This is Guka - Update on Njaruonization of NMG...

The Group Managing Editor is Joe Ageyo while the newspaper division is headed by Pamela Sittoni.

Now look at the senior managers below them.

Buy today’s newspaper and see who the editors of the various magazines are.

Read the bylines of the majority of the writers.

Then come tell me why we in Mt Kenya should be the leading shareholders, readers and advertisers in this rag…

I am not being tribal by the way.

But how can it be that in a supposedly dynamic company there are 10 times more Luo managers than Kambas? HOW?

Kununua hii kitu ni upuzi…

guoks kama hauna pesa ya white kaff na leo ni friday useme tu

while people were studying, you were busy drinking muratina and chewing mogoka in the dens! Why are you lamenting now?

Ungesoma kwa bidii tungeona jina yako hapo pia.

I am long retired moron…

Niweke playbill?

This mzee anachosha sana.

He’s 75. In all his 75 years, 35 of those years have seen a Kikuyu president.

He claims to have gone to Bush (Alliance High School). People that went to that school that are his age mates became the pioneers of who’s-who in Kenya in all spheres of life.

@FieldMarshal CouchP kama you could not cut it, kazi ilikuwa tu kukunywa karobo na muratina, shauri zako. Shut the fuck up and take a seat in the corner! :D:D:D

Njaruo ni Friday please. Si utume kakitu in dollas you mafaking goat nienjoy this collapsing exchange rate?

Sasa wewe si uache watu they run their business vile wanataka? If you were incompetent haukufika CEO kubali yaishe

I have bought the daily nation religiously every day over the last twenty years. Every day!
Last month I decided I am not buying again. There was no value. Even my supplier is surprised.

Ndio maana imekua githieri media, wamejaza content za ngono,ukimwi na ugly njaruo orangutan pictures

Guka unachoma

Aje? I like being controversial once in a while…:D:D

I don’t think I’ll ever buy the paper again. Wacha wakauzie njaruo…

Look at the list above.

Eti the top Gema (Gikuyu, Embu, Tharaka, Mbeere, and Meru) editor is the editor of the once-a-week Saturday Nation.

Think about that. The top editor from the 35 per cent of the national population that buys 70 per cent of the hard copies and contributes 65 per cent of the non-govt advertising revenue…

How now?

Waende maii aaii ihiii…busherian atajua

BSc degree muhimu sana

Mimi naona iko balanced vizuri

Ni tu tantrums unarusha ndio uonewe huruma ushikiwe ka White Cap? Ghaseer

Is balanced. And with a lady, don’t assume she’s guilty by marriage name.

Jinyonge senile old fool