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So I have been watching a bit of content on TikTok and making some comments because Niko bedridden na heart problems.

I notice that 40pc of my comments are being removed.

Like a mzungu can say something racist about Kenya and I write:

“You don’t have to be here. You can go back to your $#@&$#@ country”. Removed.

Or, on a clip of a Kenyan drowning themselves:

“Why are people screaming like mankis?” Removed.

Kwani that shithole ni North Korea?


Those are hate speech,and racist remarks


Comments as plain as saying “something is wrong with you” get deleted there on! :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

On the other hand, someone’s mother tried tiktok for the first time:

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Siko Tiktok sana but hipo ujinga hua naiona Reddit, kitu simple kama kuambia mtu “gay” unabaniwa na mafala wanakudoown vote. Qick Recovery Guka.


Is the removal of the comments done by the algorithm ama by a sad moderator sitting in a dark room somewhere?

TikTok Kenya is moderated by Majorel Kenya Ltd. A call center based in Mombasa. The people removing the comments are nyeuthi like you



One removed comment just said:

‘You need healing’

The content creator can delete comments on their video that they don’t like.

You think kila pahali ni kama hapa Ktalk where unatukana everyone who disagrees with you unaitia yeye jaruo?


Njaruo don’t you have some rocks to throw?

Gati gaka…

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Ooooh, I get it. Very wrong coz that fights healthy debates…

90%of what you consume here is either hate speech, homophobia, islamophobia and othe BS terms coined by sodomites… so blame your environment guka… heneway utapona usitie shaka, na usipo tutakuala githeri na muratina and pretend to cry :green_emoji: :green_emoji:


sio hao because we have had heated arguments with some and non was deleted but immediately i post something criticizing single mothers nikisha post, a few minutes i get deletion notification by the system.

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Thanks for the best wishes njaruo. Perhaps the banter here has made me to expect a lot of tolerance…watu ni snowflakes sana…


Wiciragia andu othe ni meera? Kai meera ciaguthicire itina? Bure kabisa.

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@FieldMarshal_CouchP enyewe wakikuyu ni watu bladifwakin wewe mzee na futhi zako za white unasumbuliwa na tiktok…app niliingia na kuhama 1940…mbwa sana…you should be looking for a kibogoyo grandma your age to suck your sagging balls Sio kusumbuliwa na tiktok


tako ashy?

Kwani mama yako alikuwa Malaya wa pale Majengo? I do not expect a well-brought up boy to talk like chokora huona mama yake akitiwa kijiti na countless men…

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Sawa mungu wangu. You only should decide how I live my life, right?