This is Guka - This is Why We Should Have a Referendum

According to our copy-pasted katimba, sori, katiba, counties should complement disbursements from the national gavament with local revenue collections.

During the last financial year, Lamu, Tana River and Mandera all collected LESS THAN SH63 million each in THE WHOLE YEAR.

Just how this is possible is beyond me. Lamu for example is a major tourism destination and has tens of hotels and local businesses, including fishing.

And remember these counties have a gavana with chase cars, a deputy, a parliament, speakers, ministers, and all the support bureaucracy. AND THEY COLLECT SAY SH55 MILLION IN REVENUES, less than a small two-man company. Yaani all the money collected cannot even pay and support the gavana!

What is the ferking logic for this batshit?

Yep too many counties !! Most are not even self sustaining lets have at most 10 funny thing is county councils were more fisicaly diciplined as compared to current jokers , their expectaton of getting bailed out by central govt makes them spoilt. As for the 63 Million that stinks of corruption

your idea for the referendum and theirs are diametrically opposite. wao wanataka viketi.

Counties don’t bother with revenue collection. They know they cannot go broke because Nairobi will bail them out

Do you really need a referendum to require counties to remit a certain revenue to predetermined target.
Can’t a simple law do this.

The referendum is inevitable. The question is when? It has to be done before the elections ndio watu wajue which positions will be eliminated.

Ile vituko na drama inakuom…moto sana.

I support but not to create new posts for few entitled people