This is Guka - This Atrocity Makes My Blood Boil.


tuliona in full detail

Some things are not black and white. Ni hayo tu

She’s very evil. And weak and clueless Obama never stopped her or try to contain her. I am among the few Kenyans who celebrated when she lost

Very sad

Siyo hivo dadii. This clip is current on the BBC website because it refutes the Cameroonian gavament’s version. Just watch it and see how satellite imagery has helped crack the case.

Bro, no way anywhere can you justify the shooting of kids on their mathas back. Unless you are Israeli or American which I know you are not:D:D:D:D:D

You certainly are a writer.:D:D:D:D

Guka is a freelance journalist based in Nairobi with a regular column in one of the same newspapers he bashes here kila siku…

I don’t justify the act at all. On the face of it looks very bad. What what was the reasoning behind it, why would sane men turn on defenceless women and children? Maybe people go crazy in wartime or maybe religious wars are different…

I couldn’t watch it.

Let me repeat it again, any “francophone nation” in west Africa that has allegiance to France, where French government and companies have exclusive and exploitive right over its resources will not be punished or pushed on anything. The west will also turn away and pretend nothing is happening there. Saa hii if one or two known terrorist financiers, logistics courier or spy is killed on North Kenya or Coast, it will be followed up like gold by the same western nations ironically that collaborated in confirming that Intel and support us in the war on terror. Cameroon very much still remains a colony of France.

Inakaa there is no difference between Cameroonian army na ile meffi inaitwa LRA. This army looks like a unit that has zero discipline.

The jihadists Kill other people wives and children, I am not supporting this act, but they are getting a taste of their own bitter concortions.

Skills our CSI should acquire.

This is true of practically all French speaking African states. And ofcourse, the west values its alliance with France far more than any killings that happen in cameroun or DRC. They will definitely turn a blind eye.

this is how we should deal with alshabab sympathizers uwa mpaka paka yao