This is Guka - Think About This (Wrong/Long Read for Basement-Level IQ Niggas)

When you ask the average basement-level IQed negro why African countries are poor, he’ll parrot the BBC to a T: African leaders are corrupt.

True, most are.

But that’s the BS the average basement-level IQed African has been conditioned to believe by the masters of global finance - who incidentally are usually the former colonialists. The malign and devilish reason for this disinformation is simple; if you delegitimise a people’s leadership, they will not focus on the real causes of their own misery. Every morning they will wake up and shout, “Uhuru is the cause of all our poverty. Ferk Uhuruto”. Was Kenya rich before Uhuruto?

They won’t ask, why does the European Union bar us from exporting processed tea and coffee to their countries? Why does the EU make us open our borders to their subsidized farm products but force us through the IMF and the World Bank not to subsidise our maize/sugar/wheat/rice farmers? Why is our tourism industry controlled by colonial-era Whites supported by the British monarchy? Why did the British gavament support the destruction of indigenous finance companies for 40 years after independence? Why did a black Kenyan who wanted to start a mobile phone company just 15 years ago have to partner with an ‘international’ - read Western - investor (yaani you couldn’t start a business in your own country unless you involved a mzungu, according to the rules drafted for Moi by the World Bank as part of aid conditionalities). Why does Holland make 50 times more from Kenyan flowers than we do? I could go on and and on.

The real reasons why countries like Kenya are ‘poor’ are more complex than what the average basement-level IQed negro has been made to believe, and one huge reason which is never acknowledged - perhaps the biggest after uncontrolled population growth - is resource extraction.

In countries like Nigeria, Congo and Angola, this has taken the form of outright mineral looting. Niger and Mali could be rich from Uranium exports but the country that benefits is France. Where leaders resist, a nice little revolution is organised a la Gaddafi.

In countries like Kenya, this has taken a more complex and sophisticated form; the transfer of capital through tax evasion, lop-sided partnerships, and outright theft. Safaricom today sends back to the UK almost 20 times more what UKAid spends in Kenya, but you won’t hear the end of it when the British ambassador talks about how his gavament is ‘helping’ Kenya beat poverty. Just one example of how the company avoids local taxation? Every year Safaricom pays a huge lumpsum - in billions - to Vodafone as licence fees for the Mpesa software. This is written off as a recurrent expense and not part of Safaricom’s profitability. And just like that KRA and Kenyan shareholders lose more than 2 billion each year!

Just ask yourself, how much tax do the over 400,000 acres under British firms in Kenya - Del Monte, Unilever, Williamson, etc etc - pay to the KRA? Creative accounting ensures they pay very little. The land Del Monte ‘owns’ in Thika alone could actually pull thousands of landless Kenyans out of poverty if it was repossessed and redistributed to the locals. The socio-economic benefit of such redistribution would tower above the few pennies Del Monte pays as taxes. But international finance mafi and their local acolytes wouldn’t allow it. We have to remain a favourable business destination for ‘investment’.

The situation is worse in our tourism sector; wazungus have established parks and reserves allegedly for conservation purposes. In fact, it is blatant corruption and looting, in which a public common (wildlife) is made to serve private interests. Remember the 10 rhinos that died? They were transferred from a PUBLIC park to a PRIVATE mzungu-owned reserve so that he could attract more clients from Europe. Like with all such ‘conservation’ areas European visitors pay in their own countries and only come here for the experience (read, no money comes to Kenya!). Just how this situation has been allowed to evolve to the current state is beyond most people.

The most frightening thing is that this looting is bound to get worse, thanks to the stupidity of our leaders and the evil, greedy nature of the international finance mafia. This mafia, which brings together Western gavaments and their top businesses is single-minded - the world belongs to them. And they’ll go to any lengths to mantain this narrative. So, Mandela is good because he lets South Africa’s 4 million Whites - the cousins of the mafia - own 75% of the arable land. Mugabe was good when he allowed 4,000 Whites to own 70 % of the land. Jomo too.

And this mafia is far-sighted and strategic. Their latest target in Kenya is the power sector. Their entry point is ‘green energy’.

Today, almost every 10% of a powerbill you pay goes to London or Paris because corrupt KPLC mandarins in years gone by entered into contracts with shadowy fossil fuel power generators like the Aga Khan. Every time you pay a power bill, some piggy bank in Europe get full, just like when you use Mpesa or call on Safaricom. But fossil fuels are going out of fashion so what to do?

Tens and even hundreds of ‘green energy’ investors are flocking to these shores to set up what will soon become the worst drains of Kenyan capital into European pockets. Basically, they are setting up cheap solar and wind electricity generating farms, and getting into long-term or even perpetual power purchase agreements with Kenya Power. Using the money you, the consumer, pays them they will upgrade and scale up until they are Safaricom. Indispensable.

What’s worse, the agreements they are signing are so rigged its difficult to understand the idiots who signed them on behalf of Kenyans, with clauses such as that KP has to purchase the generated power from the date the farm is commissioned at a certain price or pay a monthly fine of the equivalent even when the power is not connected to the grid. In other words, you the consumer will soon be paying billions to the European company that set up the Turkana wind farm whether its pumping any electricity into the grid or not! Now assume there are 30 such companies…

What’s more the cost of generating sustainable electricity is set to fall drastically but guess what? But the so-called investors are free to lie on their capital investments, saying for example that they invested Sh100 billion in a farm which has to be recovered first, even when in actual fact they put in less than Sh15 billion to bring in second-hand Dutch wind masts. And just like that, billions will transfer to Europe.

What is happening i the power sector is basically the Safaricom model on steroids - European companies are coming here and investing what is essentially pittance in an essential sector to trap Kenyans into paying them for eternity!

When you put all this together - the looting in the agricultural, tourism, power, mineral, energy (petrol) sectors etc etc - you start understanding why countries like Kenya are not doing as good as they should. Our leaders are complicit, yes, but there are bigger things at play.

The rise of China and India gives countries like Kenya a window of escape, but that’s a story for another day.

Let me end there for now because this could become a book.

call me a basement wharever… but the reason those whites are able to ferk us is because our compromised corrupt leaders allow them and we allow those leaders to get away with it! I think blaming the white person for our own stupidity is actually the basement IQ…

Speaking of Del monte…
What would happen if watitu denied thier application? The leadership factor plays a major role in us getting fucked.

The controversy surrounding Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s decision to renew land lease for Del Monte seems to be far from over.
This is after Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba filed a complaint with the National Land Commission regarding the deal.
Ms Wa Muchomba, in a letter to the commission dated September 24, is demanding a report explaining how the deal between the juice maker and the county government was arrived at and the actual number of acreage surrendered.
In the deal, the county government renewed lease of 8,000 acres for Del Monte after the firm reportedly agreed to cede 635 acres.
Mr Waititu signed a memorandum of understanding with Dal Monte managing director Stergios Gklaliamoutas, allowing the firm to use the land for the next 99 years.
During the signing of the agreement, Mr Waititu announced that 200 acres of the surrendered land would be used for the construction of an airstrip while 20 acres would be used as a cemetery.
But Ms Wa Muchomba has expressed concerns over what she said were conflicting information on the actual acreage surrendered.
1,000 ACRES
This is after Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina alleged the total acreage surrendered was about 1,000 acres, claims the governor has denied.
Ms Wa Muchomba and other county leaders have accused Mr Waititu of “acting unilaterally”.
“The great people of Kiambu need to be involved in decision making on the land use which is beneficial to them. In this light, I request that any future steps regarding Del Monte land allocations, partitioning and development be done in full consultation with the people of Kiambu through public participation,” she said.
Ms Wa Muchomba’s letter, which has been copied to the governor and County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga, adds: “A clear report on what has been surrendered should be shared with the relevant office including that of the Woman County MP.”
Waititu told to reveal Del Monte deal details -
Daily Nation › kiambu

Thank you siste, umemshow ukweli even though mimi huwa sikupendi…ghasiaress


Corruption does not make you poor, it simply ensures that you cannot fight other agents of poverty.

Of course so many African leaders are complicit! But let me ask you, and please answer me directly and don’t beat about the bush, what happened to African leaders like Sankara, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Lumumba and Samora Machel when they charted an independent line?

Please, read my treatise again. I have said 'there are bigger things at play". Did you read that @ranny ama ni emotions tupu?

So we are basement level IQ niggas because we lay the blame at our leaders feet? You have done the same thing in as many paragraphs identifying the loopholes used by other nations and apportioning responsibility to the same leaders.

Anyway, you havent brought forth any new information, hii yote tunajua, lets talk about how to salvage our economy, no need diagnosing and rediagnosing, lead the way as we move on to extricating ourselves from this losing side.

Wewe Jirani na ukumbuke mambo ya sukuma na chips tulisema uache, siyo? Hiyo fascination yako na micoondu ya watu is too bizarre sana…

Now back to the topic at hand…

Our leaders are both stupid myopic and corrupt and they are just is a reflection of us.
Every country is selfish and they try to make deals that will favor their countries the most. If African leaders cannot negotiate to make the deals fairer to their countries simply coz they get bribed, how can you blame other countries?

Guka I don’t think most will comprehend your post. The west that complains about corruption is the best player in that game. Let me give you a good example. trump and bechtel almost successfully debt trap us on the Mombasa-Nairobi expressway on a project that isn’t even in the Top 50 priority. Kshs 300 billion that could go to many other areas. The amount of sweet talk and promises made to sign it says a lot. It wasn’t signed, if they want to build it then it has to stay within the original agreement, by PPP where they fund it themselves. Ironically we China gives us the same with better conditions they complain. On electric power its a dynasty cartel. Aga khan, moi, kibaki and the usual henchmen are either part owners or full owners of the expensive diesel power plants or wind power. The hyped wind power is a steal. 50% output at best, GoK somehow is a guarantor of the project and we are forced to buy their power whether we need it or not. If you get more geothermal, hydro or nuclear power it doesn’t matter. former AG wako who wrote those contracts somehow represents both parties.

emotions zipi macu now? but look closer and you will see that without the collusion of fellow Africans, it would have been a huge task for the mzungu to do away with them.

To the point, as usual. Thanks!

I have mentioned specific names in my question. PLEASE TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO EACH OF THEM. Stop beating about the bush.

@FieldMarshal CouchP you are the reason why we are poor. Why not venture into politics you start challenging our greedy politians.

Am beginning to wonder:
Which side are you on?

I heard Trump’s speech at the UN general assembly and honestly, that was the best speech I have heard in a long time. If only our president or leaders had the guts to call out other countries as Mr. Trump did without holding back anything, this country would be heading in the right direction.

If Uhuru is shying from a friendly tussle with Tanzania or Uganda, do you think he has the wits to engage the western hemisphere or the Chinese for that matter?

I dont know about you guys but mimi nilichoka kulia na kuwhine, the west has fucked us over for more than century, our own have joined in and have done the same for the last 55 years, wahindi hawajawachwa nyuma pia, Somaia, Pattni, Abdulmalek and a whole host of their race have robbed us in broad daylight, if we are not going to fight back then it is no use talking about out it.

Lets talk about solutions:.

  1. Lets take back our land, revoke those 99 year leases. I have said before, jungus have no business running conservancies on our land, repossess the land, let KWS take over the conservation of our endangered wildlife.

  2. The outright theft in the energy sector needs to be exposed, lakini kusema ukweli i do not believe a public campaign would push out the cartels in this sector, lets just bomb those thermal energy production plants and blame it on Al shabaab, i am certain they are not insured against terrorism.

Za wind nazo, unfathomable compensation claims have worked in Kinangop, lets use that.

  1. The most important thing is to control the public campaigns, the Maumau realised very early in their fight for freedom that you are bound to lose the war if the enemy controls the narrative, hapa sasa ndio Guka and your buddies in the world of journalism come in. Young people have been at the heart of all revolutions, social media has proved to be a reliable tool in shaping narratives, messaging and mobilisation, you dont even need mainstream media, you can do all the damage from anywhere including the local, lead the charge


What Guka is trying to educate us on is simple, the white man being pushing us to deals we don’t need or wouldn’t work so that status quo can remain and we never develop. Instead of financing geothermal like Japan which is reliable cheap base power even if it takes a decade from well exploration to generation they are helping our previous leaders how to set up shadow companies in island Tax heavens under their shadow control to be partners in the venture.