This is Guka - The Oracle Predicts.....

Today, in a totally unexpected stunner, thugs invaded Sukari Ranch owned by the Kenyatta family. Theft, arson and destruction followed.

I, Guka, the Oracle of Ndeiya predicts this:

  • That by that single action Ruto’s govt has lost a very significant part of the Mt Kenya vote.

Mt Kenyans are extremely sensitive to land invasions, arson and dispossesion. It reminds them of 2007/2008.

It doesn’t help that today has happened under the watch of Ruto, whose county of Uasin Gishi was the epicentre of 2008 land evictions, and Rigathi, who supervised evictions in Molo.

  • My second prediction is more straight forward.

Tonight, a war council of the Kiama Kia Maa has decreed that all those who organized and led the gangs that invaded Sukari must be found and punished severely. Death sentences have been passed.

The only person who will survive this punishment temporarily will be Rigathi by virtue of his position.

In the next few days mtaanza kuskia kilio eti “my son cannot be found, serikali saidia”. Some idiots were paid 5,000 to joke with perhaps the most dangerous cartel in Kenya eti they won’t be arrested.

Ni sawa. Watakipata.

Watch this space. Bookmark this.

Phone triangulation ndio ita nasa wengi. They should book a one way ticket to Brazzaville

Wee ngoja ujionee…we already have the vehicle numbers, the meeting points, the mobilisers and the money trail.

Sasa ni nduru…

I endorse hio mpango,hizo nyangau ziangamizwe,mbona kufanya muthamaki wetu hivo na ni yeye alisimama nao when their kins were being roasted alive in rift valley?

kiama kia mai na konyagi ‘‘chess master’’ wawache hii maneno ya njaruo

I said it here before; Rigathi doesnt look healthy. He should go to the gym as he had been advised earlier but laughed it off. Hii maneno ingine alenge.

Sikuelewi ata. Najuanga IQ ni kidogo but uko side gani Wanyama?

Gachagua is playing with the “mungiki” fire ,thinking he can control that monster , once the hungry shinny eye youth with nothing to lose realize they can rob without consequence vitu zita nuka !

:D:D what about Gakuyo, Lesedi etc

Violence loading

Mtajua pia Riggy G ni mafia kivyake… and he comes with the mau mau swag. Mlevi1 one pia ataingia baridi because hadi sahii hajui vile alijipata ICC. Snitch ni wengi

You arsenine tribalist. When it comes to those that invaded the Kenyatta’s farm and made away with sheep you mildly call it “theft”.

Had this been done by any other tribe, especially by “Jaruo”, you would have been shouting yourself hoarse that “those orangutans looted”.

So priss, call it as it is, “those Mungiki orangutans looted”. Bure kabisa!

Game ya Sunday ni lini wadau?

Okuyu vs Okuyu… its gold i tell ya.

Ndi mugikuyu but this is impossible. Police walijipee shuguli but some old geezers somewhere passed ‘fatwa’??? Hawa wazee hata sisi aanake hatuwaskizi kwa vijiji na tuko tu. Delete huu upuss.

The raid was in bad taste na haifai kurudiwa. But kiama kia maa or whatever have no jurisdiction over the looters.

Negro please… The MauMau catch phrase only impresses urban Kikuyus who don’t know our history or have zero connections with their roots…

Familia za collaborators na Mau Mau zinajulikana vizuri sana…Hii familia ya Gachagua haijulikani iko category gani.

In fact deep in Mathira kuna familia who can never see eye to eye because of what their forefathers did to each other during colonialism.

Enda hapo Tumu Tumu usikie horror stories of how Mau Mau killed collaborators and Christians.

Or how collaborators killed perceived Mau Mau sympathisers …

Cc @ChifuMbitika

As I’ve said somewhere else, although Uhuru will ignore today’s occurrences, Ruto will have to discipline his subordinates, otherwise next time the consequences will be unaffordable

Kuna mtu mahali ameuliza; during Kibakis time Raila was holding maandamano. Ditto during Uhuru’s time. Was Uhuru funding him that time?

Boss, give it two weeks we talk. Just two weeks…

I support your sentiments.The old farts have no bearing to influence shit if they so exist.Infact most are thugs for hire using tribal sentiments to gain money from politicians.

I commented on your thread the other day and I will add. Since the government has resorted to using goons, the only way forward,
barring some kind of handshake, is the use of goons.

What is even amazing, is that the rest of the maandamano wasn’t really that destructive.

They are slowly tying themselves into a corner. A whole government using goons. Laughable at best.